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  • Awesome Art: The trailers for the game in particular are absolutely gorgeous and well animated, with many a fan asking for a full-on animated series.
  • Broken Base:
    • "Banzai Runs," or more disparagingly, "suicide rats," where a player rushes to open up the castle and attack the king as quickly as possible - not to win, but to speed up the game. Some people hate them because they "violate the spirit of the game" or ends the game too quickly when they were doing well, others like them because it means a bad game can end quickly.
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    • Various changes to certain cards have caused this. Most people think certain cards are op, while others are extremely bad (such as Torch) while some are just too situational to rely on (Spyglasses)
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Sinvah Sorell, the weasel Warlock from the card of the same name, so much so that she (?) was added as The Cameo in another card later on.
    • Guppy, the frog Squire who was killed by bandits in the "Horrors and Heroes" trailer. Likewise, he was given more features in the game.
  • Fan Community Nicknames: "Armellians"
  • Fridge Brilliance: The symbol for Rot is a maggot curled into a circle. Guess where you find maggots?
  • Good Bad Bugs: Until the 1.01 hotfix patch, the game's victory system was fairly inconsistent when it came to dealing with River's sniper shot against the King.
    • If River attacked the King with her sniper shot, she does not lose Prestige until combat was actually initiated.
    • Should River kill the King with the sniper shot, she would cause a Prestige victory if she was killed at any time during the game. If she never died in that game, Kingslayer or Rot victory was awarded as appropriate.
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  • Jerkass Woobie: Sylas of all characters could qualify. While his playstyle encourages the player to go aggressive and kill King's Guards and his emotes are anything but unpleasant, he has a justified reason in that the court murdered his village and left him Forced to Watch, over fishing.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap:
    • Mercurio and Zosha, thanks to a few changes made (giving everyone an extra body stat, adding new items and trickery cards) that made them more feasible.
    • Sylas. His original hero power seemed counter-intuitive, but it made him virtually unstoppable if he was allowed to go on unopposed. When the Bandit Clan was released, it was changed to instead give him up to three guaranteed sword rolls based upon his bounty level, meaning it's still feasible to play Sylas as "clean" the entire game without being constantly hassled by King's Guards or players looking for some extra gold.
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  • That One Achievement: The 'Cry Us a River' achievement has (as of April 2018) a measly 0.3% completion rate. It requires River killing three opponents in a single turn using her talent only. Not only does it mean that you have to be lucky enough to have three opponents on the board with 1 Health, you must also find a way to be adjacent to all of them since her talent consumes one AP for each kill. Teleport, Strategist and Hot Rot Wine come in handy, but it still requires the blessings of RN Gesus in terms of card-drawing and heavy planning from the player themself. Or you could just assemble a party of friends with the explicit intention of helping each other get the achievement, and hold a game where everybody plays River and does nothing but bring themselves down to 1 health and converge at the same spot.
  • That One Attack: Assuming that he inflicts three Overkill damage points (also called Slaughter) on his opponent, Fang will not receive any damage in return, no matter how many attack dice his opponent rolled. This makes Fang a force to be reckoned with when he's on the offensive. What makes him so deadly is that the battle system has a much higher chance to cause an attack than a defense (half a chance to attack, 1/3 chance to miss, but only 1/6th of a chance to successfully defend under normal circumstances), which plays right into Fang's game since he makes the greatest use of his own attacks and has a really good chance of completely nullifying the opponent's attack. Without a huge bonus to defense and a high Body, prepare to die against Fang. A lot.
  • Tier-Induced Scrappy: For followers, Conjurer or Warlock. Conjurer only works if you play a spell card to the field as a peril, meaning it's already quite specific, though it's not like you're likely to have many followers anyways unless you're Scarlet. Warlock not only requires you to have a rather high body stat to really take advantage of him, but is also actively harmful for heroes going for any kind of victory other than Rot, and hard to get out of your hand like most Rot cards. Heroes going for the Rot victory will want the Warlock for its 2 Rot cost, but the dawn Rot damage is a deterrent to actually using him until you can get fully corrupted.
    • Heroes with Spirit as their highest stat tend to be more limited in their options than other types of heroes. While Spirit fuels spellcasting, the random nature of spell drawing in Armello makes it an unreliable means of victory compared to simply fighting everyone to death. Spirit-based heroes have almost no chance of killing the King in a straight fight and may have trouble acquiring Prestige due to their lack of ability to face other heroes and Banes in battle. Their options usually boil down to acquiring either more Rot than the King or four Spirit Stones, infiltrating the castle after the Guards have already moved, and hope and pray that a stronger Hero doesn't come smack them in the face.
      • Poor Volodar probably gets the most of this. Most of the other heroes with a stat spread leaning away from Fight tend to have unique abilities that cover their weakness: Sana enjoys the benefits of a high Spirit without sacrificing her ability to go for a Kingslayer victory or farm Banes, Ghor becomes immune to the next source of damage after ending his turn in a Forest, Yordana can trip up opponents gunning for her head with some of her unique Curses, Twiss is difficult and frustrating to gank due to her perma-Evade and Video Game Stealing, Sargon's ability is just really good in general, and so on. But Volodar's enthralled Banes pose only a mild threat to characters with a high Fight and strong items.
    • For items, a few Treasures are particularly likely to prompt a groan from most players. Treasures are supposed to be very powerful, a few just don't live up to the standards. The Wyld Talisman sets your Rot to 0, but only as long as you're wearing it, and is only useful if you're going for a Kingslayer victory and have acquired a lot of Rot, but not enough to out-Rot the King. The Bane's Claw (not to be confused with the Game-Breaker Bane Blade) makes it so that a character wearing it cannot be attacked by Banes, it doesn't even prevent a Bane from spawning and forcing you out of a dungeon. Only the squishiest casters would ever want to use it. With the addition of the Explode Pool, the devs have attempted to buff these items slightly by making them give a sizable increase to said pool on top of their previous benefits, but even that was not enough to rescue them from the Scrappy Heap.

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