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YMMV / Area 51 (FPS)

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  • Author Tract: BlackSite is very much a commentary on The War on Terror, which unfortunately led to it becoming an...
    • Unintentional Period Piece: To the mid-late '00s, when public opinion was turning against the War on Terror and especially the war in Iraq.
  • Complete Monster: Mr. Frederick White is the sadistic head of The Illuminati. Originally a scientist during World War II who grew jealous of Dr. Winston Cray, he fled to the Midwest, where he performed horrific experiments on people. When the alien Edgar and his colony crash-land on Earth, White makes a deal with the aliens, exchanging them humans to experiment on in return for both their technology as a way to spy on people, and a virus that turns humans into animalistic monsters, with White hoping to unleash it onto the world. Once Ethan Cole and his men investigate Area 51, White has his clones and Illuminati members kill Ethan's squad mates and Dr. Cray.


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