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  • Awesome Music: Death Metal with epic guitar solos provided by guitar god Michael Amott! Why Not? Aside from the Broken Base as to whether Johan or Angela is better, most of the band's music qualifies under this. The most notable cases would be Stigmata and Burning Bridges for the Johan Liiva era while Wages of Sin and Doomsday Machine are this for the Angela Gossow era.
  • Base-Breaking Character:
    • Angela. And that's as far as we'll go to avoid flamebait, ladies and gents.
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    • Alissa. Now that the dust has died down, she's either as good a replacement as any for Angela who faithfully and skillfully handles the material, or that she's unable to fulfill the legacy of her predecessors.
    • MICHAEL... AMOTT. Even though Alissa is very divisive, Amott is probably the most divisive member of the band. Although Amott is a really good shredder (see Awesome Music above), his songwriting has been on the decline since Anthems of Rebellionnote . Most fans will cite that the band has literally commercialized their sound after Wages of Sin with Amott's songwriting becoming uninspired. Amott's also not that great in the lyrics department either.
  • Broken Base:
  • Face of the Band: An odd variation on this with the face of the band at first being Michael Amott (formerly of influential grindcore/melodeath band Carcass) who many saw as the band's only important member. However when Angela joined the band, she became the face of the group and Michael became an afterthought.
    • Now that he's a member, Jeff Loomis is beginning to become this due to his already-present status as a modern guitar icon. And that's without having any kind of a role in the songwriting process, which became a point of criticism against Will to Power.
  • First Installment Wins: Although a highly divisive band, most fans will agree that Arch Enemy's first four albumsnote  are some of the greatest Melodic Death Metal albums ever made. After those albums, it became clear that Michael Amott lost his touch as an excellent songwriter.
  • Internet Backdraft: State your preference on the Angela vs. Johan debate. I dare you...
    • By the same respect, Angela vs Alissa - never mind that the two are good friends, and Angela allegedly hand-picked Alissa as her replacement.
  • Mis-blamed: While Alissa is polarizing and frequently disliked for many reasons, many of her detractors who also didn't like War Eternal in general have blamed her for "watering down" their sound. This, however, is not at all her fault, as she had virtually no input in the songwriting process and only wrote half of her lyrics.
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  • Replacement Scrappy: Alissa White-Gluz has become very divisive among the fanbase. Many fans say that she does not live up to Johan Liiva and Angela Gossow. This can become understandable as Arch Enemy is often considered a spiritual successor to Carcass and unlike Alissa's two predecessors who have a Jeff Walker-vibe to them, Alissa's growls are too feminine for the role she is in. It is very likely that Arch Enemy's decline in popularity can be attributed to Alissa being frontwoman and having weaker live performances in return.
  • Signature Song: "Nemesis" from Doomsday Machine.
  • Tear Jerker: The lyrics to "My Apocalypse" are about coming to the end of your life and looking at what's left with great nihilism.
    • The guitar solo in, "My Apocalypse," is also a painful tear jerker.
    • The Day You Died. It is inspired by Grave of the Fireflies. If you haven't seen it, watch the subbed version and listen to the song again. I dare you...
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Angela's voice is so masculine that if you haven't been to any live concerts, or seen any music videos or pictures of the members, you might think she's a guy.

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