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  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment:
    • In the episode "Strange Trip", Angry Kid sleeps in the car just as his dad drives into a tunnel leading to a bizarre CGI cartoon world complete with tunnel mouths, a killer pac-head chasing a dog, a flying dummy-thing, a robot with a pile-driver between its legs, and what can only be described as a Living Polyhedron cowboy creature with a gun crotch shooting out some white wads of cloth. As soon as Angry Kid wakes up, the world vanishes and shows the car leaving the tunnel behind them even while his dad is reciting what he saw that Angry Kid missed. None of this is ever touched upon again in the series.
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    • The ending to "Card Trick" where Li'l Sis suddenly does a Tommy Cooper impression. However, this was intentional, since Angry Kid was doing impressions of the comedian.
    • The dog Suddenly Speaking in a posh adult-male voice in "Jackanory".
    • The beginning scene from Who Do You Think You Are? has Angry Kid stealing a man's amputated leg out of all things, and then apologises for doing so.
  • Broken Base: With Series 3 onwards introducing the CGI masks, it's a common sight to see people take note on the usage of them. While the CGI meant that the episodes can be produced more efficiently, many say that it doesn't work most of the time and that it lacks the spirit of Aardman Animations, who have a reputation for making complex stop motion animations.
  • Crosses the Line Twice: The show seems to cross it several times, with some shorts can get a little overboard. One example, in particular, is the ending to "Superhero", where Li'l Sis out of all things murders a dog with a chainsaw.
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  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: Angry Kid appears to be very popular in Germany, and according to creator Darren Walsh he notes that a fansite was even made dedicated to the series in the country during the early 2000s.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • Christophe Lemoine, Angry Kid's French voice actor, also voices Eric Cartman, another foul-mouthed and bratty kid character. What's even funnier is when you take into account Cartman's hatred against ginger kids, while Angry Kid himself has ginger hair!
    • Elsewhere in the medium of western animation, consider Angry Kid's appearance. He's a mischievous kid animated in stop-motion who has tanned skin, curly(?) hair that flows sideways, wears a big navy-coloured raincoat, rides on a specially tailored bicycle, is sometimes followed by a stray pet who rarely speaks, has a short-tempered yet well-intentioned parental relative who is rarely seen and is even implied to have been "an accident". He's basically an older, more anti-heroic Wybie.
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    • In "Marathon Man", Angry Kid panicky proclaims "Oh cock!" after chucking a firework towards an elderly couple by accident.
  • Memetic Mutation: "How much is a butt plug?"
  • Moral Event Horizon: Angry Kid's father may not be the best dad in the world, but he has done many things which make him such of a cruel person. The Who Do You Think You Are? special in particular reveals what he has done to his son when he was younger through filmed footage, including pushing him too hard off the swing set, leaving him in a paddling pool to drown, giving him alcohol for Christmas, and shoving his face into a cake on his birthday. Twice. And it seems that his actions have caused AK's mother to abandon him.
  • Nausea Fuel:
    • In "Piss", Angry Kid has to piss in a bottle on a long drive. Later on, he winds up having to use a lot of bottles, and when his dad stops the car, they spill absolutely everywhere.
    • The part in "Bone" where AK falls off his bike and then a bone sticks out of his arm.
    • While picking his nose, AK sneezes and ends up getting his thumb lodged in his nostril.
    • AK smashing up snails with a cricket bat.
    • The later portion of the sex-ed program AK and Li'l Sis watch.
  • Squick: The way the extended version of "Russian Roulette" ends, where blood comes out of Speccy's forehead.
  • Uncanny Valley: Most viewers will agree that the designs of the characters look... mildly disturbing. The fact that some shorts (such as "Road Safety" for instance) feature live action actors alongside Aardman styled characters feel slightly off as well.
  • Values Dissonance: In "Jackanory", AK compares Speccy (dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood) to a "bender", which is a taboo term to describe someone who changed gender. Nowadays, it's widely considered to be offensive in today's standards.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome:
    • Some of the shorts are rather impressive for 1999 and 2000, especially the outdoor scenes which manage to make the stop motion blend well with real-time movement. "Speed" is a good example of this technique, as it manages to capture a scene where the police are chasing AK and Li'l Sis with the camera viewing from the interior from the police car, and it feels seamless.
    • The intro for the Who Do You Think You Are? special looks awesome.

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