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YMMV / Anderson: Psi-Division

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  • Complete Monster: Judge Elan Fauster is the head of the occultist department within Psi-Ops. When Judge Anderson is infected with Half-Life, a psychic virus from Deadworld, Fauster volunteers one of his men to act as his mole during the rescue mission inside Anderson's mind. The mission succeeds with high casualties, with Fauster ensuring that another Judge will be killed after being falsely identified as a carrier for the virus. He links the virus to his own nanomachines so they can repair his body and grant him immortality, causing the virus to spread out to the Psi-Judges before an outbreak in the general population occurs. The victims of Half Life become both homicidal and suicidal, slaughtering themselves and other people en masse through immensely brutal ways. Almost all of Mega-City One is affected before the Judges can deactivate the bots, ultimately causing at least a million deaths citywide. Fauster merely considers all the carnage he caused an acceptable sacrifice for his own immortality, boasting that he can afford to outlast any punishment that's in store for him.
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  • Tear Jerker: The ending to the follow-up stories The Trip and Stone Voices. In the former, Cassandra fails to stop a terrorist bombing at the last second that costs a million people their lives and lets out a Single Tear, in the latter a demonic statue is ultimately stopped by Cassandra but she has almost nothing else to show for it with several Psi-Judges either dead or rendered insane. It ends with Cas looking in a mirror at her aging face and wondering whether Mega-City One will ever be anything but a hellhole.

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