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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: As with the prequel and the main series both are based on, a number of character's actions and motivations are subject to speculation.
    • Is Erin an All-Loving Hero who correctly believes in the best of everybody? Or she is a Love Freak who is unable to accept that some people, like Misa, do not or cannot change no matter how much she wants to believe they can? Even In-Universe, Erin feels conflicted about her views and actions.
    • Does Umbra actually love Erin and want what's best for her? Or does he simply feel entitled to her and is now trying to keep her all to himself, due to being L's reincarnation and retaining what feelings L had developed for Erin in the past? Later chapters imply the former case for the most part, though Umbra remains very possessive of Erin and antagonizes Stephen every chance he gets, even when she asks him to cut it out.
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    • Are Umbra and Lumen really L and Light reincarnated as shinigami? Or did they just take on the personalities and quirks of the two after hearing about them secondhand?
      • Adding on to the above, is Lumen going after the Yagami family because he is Light and wants revenge against his father for what happened to him in the first story? Or is he just doing it For the Evulz, taunting the Yagamis with information he got from Ryuk and Misa about Light?
    • Does Mello simply want to prove he is the best and surpass L like BB tried to do? Or is he acting out due to feeling overlooked and unacknowledged by his late mentor and Wammy's house as a whole?
    • Does Misa still care for Erin and Kimiko despite siding with Mello after regaining her memories? Or is she incapable of truly caring for anyone in the first place? Also, is her alliance with Mello out of a desire to punish herself and ultimately fulfill her death wish? Or is it because she still believes on some level in Kira's goals of punishing criminals and Mello is the closest person she could find to latch on to with that many similarities to Light?
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    • Is Matt a sympathetic Anti-Villain for internally disagreeing with Mello and Misa's actions and trying to talk the former out of going too far? Or is he guilty of being complicit in Mello's crimes and not doing more to stop him?
    • Was Kiyomi's mother really as cold and abusive as Kiyomi's monologue makes her out to be after their last phone call? Or is it Unreliable Narrator at work and Kiyomi was simply looking for an excuse to kill off her parents? In fact, a lot of Kiyomi's POV could be subject to multiple interpretation due to mostly implied events, along with her penchant for manipulation and Bitch in Sheep's Clothing act.
    • Was L a Drill Sergeant Nasty to the students at Wammy’s House when deciding on possible successors, all the while neglecting to actually choose a successor and be more properly involved with them? Or was he trying to be a fair if Stern Teacher in making sure that his successor could handle taking on his title and would not end up like A or BB?
  • Crosses the Line Twice:
    • Kiyomi in Chapter 6 decides to kill Demegawa in order to advance her position at Sakura TV. Not that funny in itself, but her choice of death for him (getting drunk and trying to fit into a child swing only to die of a ruptured appendix and be discovered the morning after naked and stewing in his own excrement)? Hilarious.
    • Kiyomi herself ends up on the end of this thanks to Misa with her death. She jumps off her balcony in a Psychic-Assisted Suicide, breaks her neck, and then her head gets smashed under a car.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment:
    • Roger's reaction when Erin accuses him and Wammy of being Paedos becomes this once Roger's past is revealed in a flashback: he fathered a son who turned out stillborn, and his fiancée died giving birth to him.
  • Harsher in Hindsight:
    • In Chapter 10, after Misa is hospitalized from overdosing on cocaine, Kimiko tells Erin about their past and confesses her constant need to atone somehow for abandoning Misa when she spiraled into alcoholism. This same chapter, Misa abandons her and Erin right after this conversation, if not during it, and is seen thereafter using cocaine multiple times.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Misa. Despite her past and current actions (i.e., abandoning her blind sister without warning), her selfish personality and serious Lack of Empathy for others, she is also a self-hating mess, feeling empty and unworthy of love. Her coming to terms with the fact that Light never cared about her at all, especially after realizing that Lumen is Light reincarnated, makes her more pitiable than hateful.
  • Moral Event Horizon:
  • Narm Charm: Erin's whole speech in Chapter 15 is so cheesy and dubious in choice of words that it even makes the crew snicker behind the camera (her "butt-wipes" comment is arguably the narmiest part). Nevertheless, it may be the most passionate thing she's ever said. She calls out Kira supporters on their Holier Than Thou attitude and, insisting on the immense good people are capable of without Kira's influence, encourages the audience to Dare to Be Badass.
  • One-Scene Wonder:
    • Original Character Estella Mora in Chapter 3 only gets one scene, yet she is quite possibly the most tragic character in the story. She spends her final days alone in a nursing home wracked with dementia and looking forward to see her sons, unaware that both of them have already been killed by the mob.
    • Beyond Birthday appears in a flashback in Chapter 17 at A's funeral. But his disturbingly cheerful Straw Nihilist philosophy, his attitude towards L and it being the first and only time they ever met leaves quite an impact, in light of Another Note and how the story thereof would influence Mello.
  • The Woobie:
    • The whole Yagami family counts, but Sochiro is this especially, being left to deal with the fact his son was a mass murderer and struggling to keep this fact a secret from his wife and daughter. After Light's death, he apparently suffered a stroke which left him handicapped and ended his career as a policeman. Just when you think it can't get any worse, Lumen (suggested to be Light reincarnated) decides to start stalking and threatening him and his family, all the while calling him "Father" and "Daddy".
    • Erin becomes this as the story progresses. She's betrayed by Misa again, loses her standing as a journalist and almost loses her life, is often talked down to and mocked by Near and his team apart from Stephen, and her cat Lawliet gets run over by Kimiko after Kimiko falls Off the Wagon. To top it off, Erin is stuck with a shinigami who claims to love her and will not leave her alone. This last bit becomes all the more disturbing when you remember that Umbra is all but outright confirmed to be the reincarnation of L, a man with whom she'd already had a deeply troubled relationship in the past and with whom she'd parted on very bad terms in the prequel.
    • Kimiko, Misa's previously estranged sister and a blind recovering alcoholic. Her relationship with her parents was always strained due to her being an illegitimate child from an affair on their mother's part, and according to her they always favored Misa over her because of it. After failing to start a relationship with her actual father, she began drinking and became increasingly unstable and rebellious, accumulating in their parents throwing her out of the house after one particularly violent dispute. Mr. and Mrs. Amane would later be murdered before she got the chance to reconcile with them, making Misa "all she has left." Cue Misa running away right after Kimiko confesses all of this to Erin. This eventually leads to her falling Off the Wagon, and accidentally killing Erin's cat while she's at it.

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