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YMMV / An Cafe

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  • Cliché Storm: While their early works were groundbreaking for Oshare kei fans, their later works suffered from this.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: They are the only Oshare kei band in the Second wave of Visual Kei. At that time, Metalcore, Nu Metal and Melodic Death Metal were the predominant musical genres in Visual Kei, so a pop punk band gaining popularity would certainly be an oddity.
    • They are also among the least hated bands in the Oshare kei scene, which has now become The Scrappy of Visual kei.
  • Tastes Like Diabetes: The usual reaction of Visual Kei fans to their music.
  • The Scrappy: Not as hated as other Oshare Kei bands, but they are less likely to be respected in many circles, due to their sound and aesthetics being a far cry from the badass Heavy Metal style associated with the genre.
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  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Kanon, Miku and especially Bou have become targets for this.

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