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  • Alternative Character Interpretation:
    • If chosen to stay in the competition, readers question if Teagan is genuine about her image as "The Dreamer", or if she's really a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing. What makes the readers question this is that during the Pick-up Challenge, where if Teagan is chosen to accompany Jamie, she tries to steal one of her potential phone numbers, later claiming that she panicked. It's yet to be seen how sincere she really is.
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    • Ivy gets a similar treatment. Is she really this naïve and insecure, given that she has a history of competing in pageants, or is she just acting up for the cameras? The fact that she has won two Audience Votes despite doing little to stand out has caused many players to view her with suspicion. The latter is revealed to be true later on in the story.
  • Base-Breaking Character: Due to the nature of the story, everyone in the cast is this. The only characters fans seem to agree on are Piper and Jen.
    • Derek is either admired for being a Genre Savvy Nice Guy who approves of respectful behavior and knows how to play his cards properly, or derided for being a boring Flat Character, which isn't helped by the fact that he's Out of Focus for most of the time. His showmance with Ivy even if you paid the Premium option to have sex with him has divided fans on whether he's pragmatic or callous.
    • Han is also regarded as this despite his status as an Ensemble Dark Horse. He is either a positive, sweet, and charming Lovable Jock; or a Dumb Jock who easily falls prey to rumors even after he was initially saved from elimination and has Jerk Jock moments when teaming up with others.
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    • Mackenzie also receives this treatment. Some fans were furious that she intentionally sabotaged Ryder and got him eliminated, while others believe it was justified given that Ryder stole her bed and acted like a pervert toward her.
    • Adam is either sweet and caring or a forced Love Interest. The Premium option to read his journal, which reveals that he has been infatuated with Jamie since they met, also divided the fandom over whether it was sweet or creepy.
    • Carson became this after it was revealed that he helped Ivy throughout the entire season. Some players have stated that him collaborating with Ivy to get Piper fired makes him just as shallow and manipulative as she is. Others argue that Piper deserved to be fired due to mistreating Carson for years and have no bad feelings towards him, especially since he brought Jamie back for All-Stars, showing that he may view them as a legitimate friend. He became even more polarizing in All-Stars, when he took over the show as showrunner. His supporters sympathize with his desire to be creative and not end up like Piper. His detractors criticize him for his refusal to listen to criticism amidst the troubles the contestants went through.
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    • Ivy has become this over time, when her sweetness is seen as a facade to fool people. She has become increasingly hostile towards Mackenzie due to not liking her sarcastic sense of humor and blunt personality, to the point that even people who aren't fans of Mackenzie feel like Ivy is going out of her way to badmouth her. Several players grew more suspicious of her when she accused Mackenzie of stealing her and Jamie's outfits during the fashion challenge. After she was revealed as the Big Bad, even more people became split about her character. A few fans state that she was playing the game the way it was meant to be played and that she did nothing wrong. Others despise her for manipulating Jamie's emotions and seemingly having no remorse for her actions. Her behavior in All-Stars has people split between whether she wants to make amends or is up to her old tricks. It doesn't help that she accused Jamie of cheating and holding a grudge against her (even if the player had been nice to her).
    • Ryder. Some players believe that he was eliminated too early and that we didn't get to see more depth in his character. Others believe that he is truly detestable given that the first few chapters depicted him as arrogant and egotistical, which was cemented in the penultimate chapter of Season 10 when he is revealed to have recorded a song he wrote titled "Hope U Love Me (Like I Love Myself)".
    • Slater. His supporters like him for his charming personality, determination to win, and pragmatic playing style. His detractors dislike him for his manipulative behavior towards others and tendency to cheat.
    • Eden. Despite her sizable fanbase owing to her apologizing to Jamie for coming across as a diva during her argument with Heath, her achievements outside the show, her friendliness towards others, and her beauty, there are some people who don't like her diva attitude and consider it more annoying than Heath's immaturity.
  • Badass Decay: Many feel that Ivy went through this in the All-Stars Season. While she was the main antagonist of Season 10, the general consensus is that All-Stars weakened the threat she poses by depicting her as an obnoxious hypocrite who whined about every little thing and making her practically interchangeable with Slater.
  • Broken Base:
    • The decisions to eliminate which contestant in the event of ties. Season 10 has Bianca or Teagan in Chapter 2, Han or Lina in Chapter 6, and Derek or Mackenzie in Chapter 16. All Stars has Eden or Heath in Chapter 3 and Bianca or Yvette in Chapter 5note . Depending on the player's strategies and opinions on these characters, they can be either easy or hard.
    • Fans have different views on Ivy returning for All-Stars. Some believe that this is a chance for her and Jamie to make amends or just enjoyed her manipulative personality. Others despise that Ivy is back and still harbor negative feelings towards her.
    • Jen being Promoted to Love Interest. On one hand, there is a group of fans who wanted her to become a love interest from the start due to the Ship Tease she has with Jamie. On the other hand, there is a group of fans who is against the idea and believe that she's better off serving as Jamie's mentor and friend, while stating this is another example of entitled fans pressuring PB to cave into their demands.
    • The decision to cooperate with Ivy to eliminate Slater in Chapter 8. While some players choose to do so because of Slater being a tough contestant who cheats his way to the top, others choose to reject Ivy because they don't trust her for being as opportunistic as Slater. It also depends on the strategies of players and their relationships with Ivy and Slater.
  • Catharsis Factor: Even though it's a premium option, the chance in All-Stars Chapter 14 to expose every nasty thing Vince and Ivy/Slater have ever done is incredibly satisfying. Especially since both of them lose their cool in front of the cameras and the Jury and expose themselves as manipulative, lying bullies.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Jen is one of the most popular characters, with the fanbase exploding every time being romantic with Jen is an option.
    • Bianca is also well liked, considered beautiful and a great ally. Many fans chose to keep her over Teagan.
    • Han is regarded as one of the most likable of the cast, since he is always positive, rarely says a bad thing unless he gets provoked, and shows how Adorkable he is by being a Momma's Boy and trying to get a Catchphrase. His "curveball" catchphrase is also popular enough to be picked up by Jamie in All-Stars in a way.
    • Kiana is well liked for her character design, passion for gaming, and being one of the nicest cast members of the All-Star season.
  • Evil Is Sexy:
    • Bianca and Lina, who have the habit of wearing extremely plunging necklines and treating everyone horribly.
    • A surprisingly large number of players want to romance Ivy and Vince despite their villainous natures, either because they find them attractive, or because they present an appealing alternative to the squeaky-clean love interests.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: Perhaps due to the nature of the story (a reality show where the main objective is to flirt with everyone and make people fall in love with you), there are several characters whom players ship Jamie with apart from the three (later four with the addition of Jen) official love interests, including (but not limited to) Jen (who was eventually revealed to be a Love Interest to much applause from the fandom), Carson, Bianca, and Teagan.
  • Like You Would Really Do It: When Jamie is put up for elimination in Chapter 9, most fans didn't believe that they would actually be voted out since eliminating the player-character that early would make the rest of the book completely anticlimactic. But in a Shocking Elimination, Jamie is indeed voted out... and spends less than two chapters in the Jury House before winning the Comeback Challenge and returning to the competition.
  • Love to Hate:
    • Piper, considering her status a Hate Sink who disrespects her employees and milks contestants for drama.
    • Bianca. A lot of players choose to keep her in the house instead of Teagan because of her entertaining personality.
    • Lina's cattiness and tendency to lash out and cause drama also lead many players to keep her in the house purely for entertainment value.
  • Memetic Mutation: Adam is frequently compared (usually unfavorably) with Damien since one of his customized appearances is eerily similar to the latter. Many fans refer to him as "Cheap Damien".
  • No Yay: Several people had this reaction to the revelation that Heath has a crush on Kiana, believing that she is too good for him. Averted in Eden's case because of her larger fanbase owing to her more likable personality.
  • One-Scene Wonder: Kendyll, Zeke's girlfriend, completely stole the scene she was in due to her justifiable anger and revealing that Zeke is actually an exotic dancer.
  • The Scrappy:
    • Zeke is widely despised for his unwanted advances towards Bianca, refusal to accept no for an answer, and tendency to boast about being a "hero". This skyrocketed when it was revealed that he has a girlfriend outside the house (who doesn't even know he is on the program), and still has his phone despite the fact that contestants aren't allowed to use them. Almost nobody paid the Premium choice to say goodbye to him. He got even more hate when it was revealed that he was really an exotic dancer and all of his tales about being a firefighter were lies. Him returning in Book 3 didn't help.
    • Heath is despised for his immature and inconsiderate behavior. Many players chose to eliminate him over Eden.
  • Seasonal Rot: Many consider All-Stars to be this. While the whole point is to show Carson badly managing the show, readers criticize the lack of development on the contestants who aren’t the Love Interests, and the repetitiveness of the formula (confessional, get a premium outfit, challenge, pay for a premium to hang out with a love interest).
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character:
    • Players have commented that Mackenzie could have been a great character in her own right had Pixelberry not wasted their limited time and resources on building Ivy as a significant character. Her desire to win the season for her sister's college education was treated as a footnote rather than being used to develop her as a good rival to Jamie, as she ends up joining their side without thinking about her sister. Even her romance is underdeveloped, with her dedication and attraction to Jamie having no previous buildup in contrast to Adam's.
    • Conversely, Ivy could've been built up to a well-written villain in her own right had Pixelberry not wasted their limited time and resources on building Mackenzie as a significant character. Many players have commented that Ivy feels like a two-dimensional character players felt forced to hate just because of the narrative's direction.
    • Derek receives no moment of significance outside his showmance with Ivy, which focuses more on her than him. Even his knowledge of the show as a long-time fan isn't used well, leading players to consider it an Informed Attribute.
    • Some believe that Bianca’s character was wasted in All-Stars. Despite romantic interactions with her in the first chapter, Jamie has no opportunity to be intimate with her, leading players to conclude that she's merely a tease. It doesn’t help that similar to Ivy back in Season 10, Jamie can hook up with Slater despite his antagonistic nature, and Bianca gets eliminated by Chapter 9 no matter what.
    • Players felt that they barely get to know most of the new contestants in All-Stars except Vince and Slater, with the double elimination system being a major factor in that. Eden and Heath are established to have highly different personalities, only to become interchangeable with each other after Chapter 3. Kiana has little to do apart from her Ship Tease with Eden or Heath. Ronan and Yvette are eliminated early in the show. Slater's character is slightly more developed, but after Chapter 9, he becomes practically interchangeable with Ivy.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: Several hate that All-Stars focuses on duo pairings and that two people are eliminated each week instead of one, viewing it as the writers being lazy.
  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic: Carson Stewart has become this in All-Stars. While trying to be a different showrunner from Piper and struggling with stress coming from viewer reception, he refuses to listen to criticism and acts like everyone isn't following his plans properly.
  • The Woobie: Most players feel bad for Carson because of the way Piper constantly mistreats him.

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