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YMMV / American Gothic (2016)

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  • Critical Research Failure: The idea that Brady would be allowed to continue to work - as one of the lead detectives, no less! - on the SBK investigation after his father-in-law and brothers-in-law were identified as the prime suspects is frankly ludicrous. Especially since he's temporarily living in the Hawthorne family home as a direct result of the events that led to the investigation. Double especially because his own wife quickly gets added to the list of suspects, though she's acknowledged as the least likely to be actually guilty. The show just about gets away with it by playing up its deliberate use of campy soap opera tropes; but it's still jarring whenever Brady's supposedly sensible and no-nonsense boss decides to give him another chance because he's a newly minted and very promising detective, despite the fact that his ability to investigate is so obviously compromised.
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  • Narrowed It Down to the Guy I Recognize: While none of the main cast were absolute newcomers, Virginia Madsen and Stephanie Leonidas were probably the best-known to television audiences due to working consistently in TV and film for years. While neither of them is SBK, they've both been responsible for at least one copy-cat killing, and are the only main characters to have actually killed anyone in cold blood.

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