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For the YMMV page for the Wonder Woman franchise at large see YMMV/Wonder Woman.

  • Critical Research Failure: Okay, so Wonder Woman's mother is brainwashed. Wonder Woman can cure people who have been brainwashed by wrapping them with her magic lasso. This is not some zany silver-age one-off invention like super-weaving. The Lasso of Truth is part of her core gear, and it has always had the power to undo brainwashing. Diana hasn't been deprived of her lasso by any plot contrivance. She has a golden opportunity for it when she fights Hippolyta. And yet no one, in comic or out, ever shows an inkling of realization that Wonder Woman could have solved the plot in minutes flat if she'd just used the frickin' lasso.
  • Fanon Discontinuity:
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment:
    • In Wonder Woman vol. 3 #14, a character echoes most of the fandom's sentiments by saying "The last thing we want is Amazons Attack: The Sequel". Solicitations for DC's Flashpoint crossover seem to indicate that we may indeed get Amazons Attack: The Sequel.
    • While the Amazon-Atlantian war did have some more similarities to A.A. (both sides were manipulated by traitors within their ranks), much more care was put into the plot and it was better recieved. It wasn't all about Straw Feminists killing men for being men while being under control that could've been easily broken, at least.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • Delivers one to The Wicker Man (2006).
      Nicholas Cage: NOT THE BEES!
    • Also, the DC Super Hero Girls had a made for TV special with the twist of Granny Goodness being behind it. Sadly, it makes more sense there than it did here.
  • Idiot Plot:
    • The whole thing. Just about everyone acts as an idiot to make sure the thing lasts for six issues plus tie-ins.
    • Artemis and Phillipus clearly believe their queen has gone mad and is unfit to lead, but they just stand there and fret instead of attempting to overthrow her.
    • Superman has a chance to capture Hippolyta while she's fighting Wonder Woman, but he just breaks up the fight by carrying off Wonder Woman instead. Wonder Woman was actually winning that fight.
    • Wonder Woman forgets that she, at the very least, is the second most powerful character working for the side of good and just lets Superman cart her off.
    • Several characters do a bunch of stupid things that make the situation worse, or are just so stupid that you just can't suspend enough disbelief to buy into the situation. We'd be here all day if we tried to list them all here.
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    • However, at least one deserves special mention: the incident where a trainload of women who have been rounded up by the US Army for 'detention camps' has decided, after the train has been derailed, to just walk home. The soldiers see an unarmed crowd of US civilians whose backs are to them, peacefully leaving. Although their (female) CO orders them not to fire, her (male, of course) XO immediately orders the soldiers to mow them down, which they do not hesitate to try doing. But that's not the real idiocy. The real idiocy is that all of this is happening while Superman is standing right there, watching them. Did it not once cross the Major's mind that Big Blue might possibly have an objection to mass murder of unarmed civilians? And have the power to register that objection violently?
    • Also, as pointed out in Critical Research Failure above, Wonder Woman could use her lasso to instantly resolve everything. No seriously, the main character's regular powers (not just powers she randomly has) could effortlessly solve the problem. She is in plenty of situations to use these. She never does. Remember, her lasso forced a freakin' god (Ares) to see the truth of his poorly conceived plan.
    • Wonder Girl and Supergirl try to get the President and Hippolyta into peace talks to end the conflict. So far, sorta reasonable... but then their plan is to forcibly bring the President to Hippolyta by crippling Air Force One, resulting in the deaths of everyone aboard except the two of them and the President when the Amazons catch up with the jet. And that's ignoring the fact that their plan was to abduct the leader of the nation under unprovoked siege and bring him to the psychotic despot who spent the entire conflict trying to outdo Hitler's records for 'Most Ridiculous Bigoted Viewpoint', 'Stupidest Military Leader', and 'Most War Crimes Per Minute'.
  • Memetic Mutation: The page quote is so stupid that it's awesome.
    Batman: Bees. My god.
  • Moral Event Horizon: The first pages of the book, where two Amazons slaughter a man and his young son while they're looking at the Lincoln Memorial and discussing what Abraham Lincoln stood for — and then one Amazon asks the other about the statue. "Just a man." And this is the Establishing Character Moment for the invasion. It went From Bad to Worse from there. Much worse.
  • Narm: The real Big Bad being Granny Goodness of all people comes so far out of nowhere that some readers actually find it hilarious.
  • Shocking Swerve: Granny Goodness as the mastermind. Not only was this reveal not given any buildup in the book, it wasn't even properly explained in Countdown to Final Crisis OR Death Of The New Gods!
  • Signature Scene:
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: Fans were actually excited about the prospect of the Amazons and the United States coming to blows, especially since the project originated as an aborted prelude to Infinite Crisis. Things went downhill fast.
  • What an Idiot!: It'd probably take up most of this page to list them, but let's just say that nobody acts smart in this series. If they had, it wouldn't have lasted past Issue 1.
    • The President apparently thinks that locking up EVERY WOMAN in America is a great idea. Jesus wept... For the record, this would mean that the President ordered over one hundred and fifty million people locked up. And none of the other half of America's population protested.
    • Also, Batman first mentions that it is a war and the heroes should be able to kill, then almost immediately afterwards says to Superman that they shouldn't kill. ON THE SAME PAGE. Did the bees cause your mind to snap, Bats? Further compounded by this being, well, Batman. One of the heroes most known for doing everything in his power to never take a life, deciding that it's okay to kill.
    • And Wonder Girl and Supergirl decide that kidnapping the President right out of Air Force and taking him to Hippolyta so the two can settle their differences is a good idea. Yes, the Ax-Crazy, man-killing, batshit insane Hippolyta. Needless to say, this is possibly the dumbest idea in comic books since the Church of Humanity's plot to convert all Catholics to their church by making Nightcrawler the pope. They wind up crashing the plane (killing almost everyone on board, by the way), almost killing the President, and getting attacked by a horde of Amazons before they're bailed out by Supes (who is, incidentally, the only person in the entire flipping comic who acts like he has a fifth of a brain — though the 4/5 of a brain that he's missing is in effect when he just flies away when he has a chance to non-violently end the war).
    • And when Wonder Woman and Hippolyta are fighting, Superman rushes in, scoops Wondy up, and carries her away to help with fighting the Amazon army. Never mind that this means it was completely within his power to pick up Hippolyta instead of Wonder Woman and throw her in jail, or throwing her into space, or heat-visioning her... No, picking up Wonder Woman instead made perfect sense.
      • Add in that Wonder Woman is far stronger than Hippolyta and probably could have easily defeated her in combat, which would essentially put Diana, as heir to the throne, in charge of the Amazon army and able to stop the war with a word.
    • And Wonder Woman too. Forgetting the Lasso of Truth's (plot-solving) powers is just one of the many idiotic things she does. It's almost sad to see poor Diana trying to fight when every single one of her actions and every line of dialogue that comes out of mouth clearly indicate that she must be suffering severe brain damage and memory loss.


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