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YMMV / Amazon Women on the Moon

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  • Hilarious in Hindsight: "Video Pirates", especially the comment by one pirate concerning laserdiscs: "What good are they? You can't record on 'em." That comment was indicative of the general feeling at that time toward laserdiscs. For those people not familiar with them, they were vinyl record album-sized, rather heavy, had to be flipped over in the middle of the movie, and were the predecessor of DVDs and Blu-Ray discs. Now the public has left videotape and laserdisc movies behind.
    • Don "No Soul" Simmons was basically the blueprint for Carlton Banks.
    • Mixed with Values Resonance - the Dial-a-Date in the Rosanna Arquette and Steve Gutenberg sketch. Having that much intimate details about your blind date was outrageous in the 1980's, but when it's common today to run a Google search and get even more embarrassing dirt on a potential date, it's almost quaint.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Due to the pure number of actors in the film, this is likely to happen for viewers. Probably the best examples are Robert Picardo, who had been a supporting actor in TV and movies for years before becoming best known as The Doctor (no, not that one), on Star Trek: Voyager, David Alan Grier who later hit stardom on In Living Color!, and Arsenio Hall who later broke out with his talk show and movies with Eddie Murphy.
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  • Special Effects Failure: When the moon is destroyed, a bit of it can still be seen hanging on a string. As a spoof of bad B-Movies from The '50s, this was intentional.


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