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YMMV / Alphadia Genesis

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  • Anvilicious: Aurra's stance on clones is clear: Don't punish all clones for the evil acts that some people force other clones into. It draws many parallels to several Real Life hot topics, especially gun control.
  • Awesome Music: The music that plays in the Energi Pandora - Core area. It's the same theme as the game's intro movie, but the movie doesn't play the full track.
  • Game-Breaker:
    • Once a full party of 6 is present, the player can set them up in formations to increase any of Experience/Gold/Drop Rate by 50% without any negative effects.
      • Corone learns a skill that doubles experience earned in battle. Combine that with the Experience-boosting formation and defeating the best Metal Slime enemy will yield nearly 300,000 experience a pop, making grinding to level 99 for the post-game bosses a breeze.
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    • Another formation multiplies any Auto Recovery effects by 4. This includes accessories that refill HP or EP by 10% each turn, giving a 40% boost each turn and giving anyone more than enough EP to spam their strongest skills each turn. Such accessories can easily be won at the Arena.
    • Enah learns a skill that hits the enemy vanguard and 10% of the damage is returned as EP. She easily becomes strong enough to spam it and get enough EP back to use it indefinitely.
    • The Critical Band guarantees a critical hit with every normal attack without any negative effects. It guarantees a One-Hit Kill against the game's Metal Slime enemies (if it hits, which is more likely than not) and makes Level Grinding much faster and easier. It's also possible to earn 3 of them in the game: 2 from chests and the 3rd as a steal from Nihls in the Ohlu Tower.
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  • Narm Charm: Many of the characters have a "serious" portrait, only they look more angry than serious, making their words mismatch their expressions and coming off funny as a result.
  • Player Punch: Corone and Gale's deaths.
  • The Scrappy: Several reviews of the game give it negative points because of Walter and what a huge Jerkass he is. Many of them didn't play far enough into the title to reach his Character Development, so he remains a strike against the title for newcomers.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: Numerous accessories and even some pieces of equipment include negative effects that outweigh their otherwise positive ones. One example is Grande's sword from the Battle Arena that delivers a critical hit with every attack, but also has a 20% of instantly killing him.
  • Tear Jerker: Corone's death.

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