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  • Complacent Gaming Syndrome - On easy, you can go through the whole game while only using the shotgun or Gatling LE, and there's no real reason not to. On hard, this is completely averted. Partially thanks to the extremely limited ammo, you will have to diversify if you want to have certain weapons available when you need them. Playing to the strength of every weapon is crucial to success in this mode (except the flamethrower).
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  • Moment of Awesome: Arnold convincing Olivier that Glomar will destroy him, because Glomar's heart reacts to what the person who touches it is thinking.
  • Narm - "I'll get you Glomar. I'll find you in the end. I will pull you out of the $%^&ing wall." and pretty much any other reference to Glomar or hubbardium.
    • "Glomar will %^&$ you over."
  • Narm Charm - Paolo. His gratuitous Italian and broken English turn every line into a seemingly unintentional joke, but it plays really well off Arnold's attitude.
  • Snark Bait - Some of the voice acting (particularly Paolo and his accent), along with the somewhat rambling, obviously second-hand translated script, has made the game into this for some reviewers. Not to mention the silly words like "hubbardium" and "Glomar" being featured prominently and said with dead seriousness throughout the game.
  • So Bad, It's Good - The game wasn't reviewed very well and it has many detractors, but some of its negative qualities, such as the awkward script and the plot's straight-faced focus on Inherently Funny Words like hubbardium and Glomar, can easily wrap around to making it enjoyable through the Snark Bait factor. When paired with fairly solid, standard FPS gameplay that was compared favorably to its contemporaries, it's not hard to find ways to enjoy the game despite, or perhaps because of, its faults. Even the enemies' Improbable Aiming Skills can be enjoyed if you can laugh at the unlikely and unfair ways you were just killed, or if you're looking for a challenge.
  • Uncanny Valley - Could potentially fall into this for some. The heavy detail of the motion capture does not match the comparatively inferior facial graphics which have lifeless eyes.
    • Made worse if you encounter a bug that prevents them from moving their mouths while causing them to blink rapidly and incessantly.


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