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YMMV / Alpha and Omega

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  • Better Than It Sounds: Shinji Ikari, former Child Soldier, goes through a Time Abyss into the Mass Effect universe, and ends up in a relationship with Aria T'Loak, Space Pirate and Don of the Terminus Systems, of all people. Surprisingly, it works, and the whole fic ends up a fun read. And for those who weren't happy with the Rebuild universe's direction, Book 2 is shaping up to be both a great Crossover, and a nice little Continuation-Fix Fic too.
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  • Genius Bonus: Alpha and Omega can stand for Shinji (Alpha) and Aria (Omega) since he pilots Unit-01 and she is Omega. It also stands for Shinji since he's not only the first and last angels, but he also became God for a time before the story started.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Rebuild!Gendo, as if not a big enough prick in 3.0, proves infinitely worse than the original when he continues his Assimilation Plot after his wife's resurrection, and then takes a flying leap over the horizon when he launches a N2 mine on a refugee zone at the end of Chapter 15.
  • Ron the Death Eater: Subverted with WILLE, Misato and Ritsuko. Though the actions they take are extreme in this fic, they are fairly in line with what happen in the Rebuild universe, and in spite of that, it's made clear that the crew are at worst either traumatised Shell Shocked Veterans, or conflicted Well Intentioned Extremists. That said, the author clearly takes Rebuild!Shinji's side in the story, pointing out how WILLE's actions in the movie and the fanfic were both self-righteous, and ended with a bad situation made worse, something that Rebuild!Misato ultimately acknowledges.

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