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  • Adorkable: Rudy's interaction with the Sexbot Vanessa. He is trying to be as respectful of her as possible but keeps making Double Entendres without meaning it.
  • Cult Classic: Despite mixed reviews and a very short runtime before its cancellation, the show has a small but dedicated fanbase that prevents it from fading into existence.
  • Ho Yay: Before the series even started people were already shipping John and Dorian. They love to look deep into each others' eyes, even when John is driving a car, and Dorian claims that he really hoped someone would wake him up, and that that person was John. John and Dorian just kept getting closer and closer as the show progressed.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • The Skin-Lab. Good God...
    • Having your home security system hacked so you can't escape your high-tech swimming pool, while seeing your husband get shot to death by it.
    • The poor man who is livestreamed exploding, with the bomb squad's actions limited to containing the explosion, resulting in him screaming inside a blast shield until the bomb disintegrates him.
  • Out of Order: The series was aired out of order, creating situations where John's evolving relationship with Dorian seems very uneven.
  • Paranoia Fuel: A central theme of the show is that the flaws in new technologies are being exploited to commit crimes. Imagine getting a heart transplant, only to find out later that someone has implanted a timer in it that will stop running if you don't pay a ransom. Imagine an assassin's bullet that can follow you by accessing public security cameras that are everywhere. Or a home security system that's so good that if it's hacked, you can't override it without extreme difficulty.
  • Portmanteau Couple Name:
    • Detective Stahl/Kennex is Stannex, Stahlex, or even Stahnex
    • John Kennex/Dorian is Jorian
    • Richard Paul/and his MX, popularized as 'Two Sugars' on tumblr after episode "Simon Says". In a December 2013 interview with the actor, Irby, he states that he calls his MX "Coffee, two sugars".
  • Uncanny Valley: Gina Carano's head on a man's body for a short span in "Unbound".
    • The MX-series androids are almost certainly meant to evoke this trope, with Barbie Doll Anatomy, stiff expressions and movements and plasticky skin.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: For a TV show, the CGI is pretty damn good, most of the time.
  • What an Idiot!: In Episode 5, Det. Paul had one job. Keep an eye on the witness. He left her unsupervised and as a result nearly got her killed.


For the 1974 film

  • Complete Monster: Giulio Sacchi is a two-bit thug looking to hit the big time. After a failed job, Sacchi rapes his girlfriend to blow off steam before deciding to kidnap a young woman who happens to be the daughter of a very wealthy man. Giulio and his gang purchase guns from a supplier who requests a hefty security deposit so the guns will not be used for murder, but Giulio promptly murders the old man and his wife before kidnapping the target and killing her boyfriend. When she flees to a nearby house, Giulio kills the old man at the house to make a point to the rest of the family and accidentally shoots the little girl when she surprises him. Without remorse, he massacres the rest of the family and proceeds to murder his girlfriend to keep his cover while confessing to her he has no remorse. After abusing his captive, he kills her after he gets the ransom and kills his friends as not to share it.


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