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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Most of the characters are drawn directly from the Hetalia canon, but Italy has been in some ways promoted from The Ditz to the Psychopathic Manchild. His uselessness (from which the title of Hetalia comes) is transmuted into something a bit more Yandere.
    • Yantalia? Yanderitalia? Kowaitalia? I don't know.
    • The authors also joke about "Basement Prussia" (the lovable loser of Hetalia canon) and "Bathroom Prussia" (the asshole that he appears as in AHEW).
  • Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy: The 'verse tends to slide into this. When most (if not all) characters are either unlikable Jerkasss or brutally tortured, readers may not be sure who to root for at all. While history is indeed often dark and cynical, even then it can come across as needlessly cruel for no real reason, not helping that historical facts themselves are broken to suit the bleak tone.
  • Die for Our Ship: More than one Hetalia fan considers the portrayal of the Japan/England couple as bashing. The fact that Puel is a well-known US/UK fanwriter does NOT help the fic's case.
    • America and England don't have a lovey-dovey relationship in the fic either. It's more that the portrayal of England and Japan's relationship comes off as so Oo C and reliant on Ron the Death Eater to some readers (Particularly the part about Japan caring about England only as a pawn to further his personal agenda of world domination), they wonder if England and Japan were characterized like this mainly to show how horrible and unhealthy England/Japan would be. While deliberate drastic alterations of characters like this aren’t terribly uncommon in Hetalia fanfic, especially darker ones, well, the lack of even historical justification and the fic's premise being essentially "the world would have gone to hell if England and Japan had maintained their alliance" doesn't exactly help perceptions of that kind.
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  • Fridge Logic: Out of all the copious Kick the Dog the Nazis are infamous for, rape isn’t one of them (in fact, the Soviets and Japanese are more infamous for this). If they wanted to make Prussia irredeemable, he could have stuck the girls in a gas chamber, flogged them constantly, had them be experimented on, worked them to exhaustion, put them in an enclosed space to be burned alive, but for whatever reason the authors chose to make Prussia a rapist. Even if one accepts that Prussia is an almost comically irredeemable villain in this AU, and the many holes is historical research, one really has to question the decision to make him a rapist specifically.
  • Internet Backdraft: This is one of the best known APH fics, so it's to be expected. There's NO middle ground on this.
    • If you don't like it? Either you don't appreciate ~True Art~ (which is always angsty and contrived and what not), you're a butthurt Prussia or England/Japan fangirl who cannot stand their less-than-stellar portrayals, or You're Just Jealous of Mith and/or Puel's "online stardom" so you want to "slander" them.
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    • If you like it? You're a Professional Butt-Kisser who want to look good by liking their stuff, a pompous Jerk Ass who looks down on the average fandom and think you're superior because of your tastes, or you MUST be one of these fans that relentlessly bully those who dislike it.
    • The authors's very polemic participations on other Hetalia wanks note  don't exactly help their cases. At least Puella has admitted that some of their most notorious actions weren't stellar, but if someone throws shit in such a notorious way, people will never forget it..
  • Memetic Mutation
    • Surrealism is not a joke.
    • Come quick! The sky is falling!
    • He's a fucking nazi.
    • And, well, the characterization of Italy...
  • Mind Game Ship: Japan/England, Prussia/Hungary, and Italy/Germany.
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • Prussia crossed it in The Seventh Door, when he brings Hungary to the cell occupied by an already-captured Austria, and brutally tortures and rapes her while forcing a helpless Austria to watch, and twisting the knife even more by telling Austria that "it's for his benefit".
    • Hungary may have crossed it for some readers, losing the sympathy points from the first incident when she coaches Liechtenstein to become Prussia's lover alongside her, so they can get benefits from it. Yes, a rape victim teaches another into giving sexual pleasure to their common rapist. Others may consider it more of a mere survival strategy brought by the harsh circumstances both of them are caught in, or as much a Kick the Dog moment.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Apparently, Switzerland's House.
  • Ron the Death Eater: As expected for a fic that tries (emphasis on tries) to be historically accurate.
    • England: Tsundere former empire (canon) —> mentally-unstable Mad Oracle who supports the Axis and makes the world total shit because of it (AHEW verse)
    • Japan: (Played for Laughs) Yamato Nadeshiko who is good friends with England (canon) —> Manipulative Bastard who dooms the world to chaos for keeping the Anglo-Japanese Alliance and only cares about England for his own benefit (AHEW verse)
    • North Italy: The Ditz Keet (canon) —> Psychopathic Manchild who murders Greece and treats his fratello South Italy like shit and makes him run away from home (AHEW verse)
    • Prussia. Hot-Blooded Butt-Monkey (canon) —> monstruous Card-Carrying Villain who rapes female nations for either his own benefit or just for the lulz and tortures Austria endlessly (AHEW verse)
  • Squick: Prussia raping Liechtenstein. Uhm, no.
    • Double squick: Hungary, who ALSO was raped by Prussia, coaches poor Liechtenstein on how to make sure she gets something out of Prussia's attention... via sex. Yes, a rape victim trains another into giving sexual pleasure to their common rapist. Doesn't matter if there were some "reasons" behind that, it's still ridiculously cruel and contrived. (And Out of Character as well as offensive.)
  • Tear Jerker: On several occasions.
    • Oscar Bait: Sometimes, the supposedly "heart rendering" moments come off as forced instead.
  • Unfortunate Implications: A good part of the fandom does not like how the authors's personal opinions keep seeping into the characterization and the plot (re: Prussia the monster vs. Austria the Designated Victim vs. Hungary the Chickification victim whom Prussia tortures and rapes to show off his power to Austria), as well as their rather... arrogant behavior during certain wanks. They have not failed to point that out, RE PETE ADLY. *ph ew*. That's all.
    • Hungary and Liechtenstein. The two more important female nations in the AHEW universe. They BOTH end up brutally raped by Prussia, who does this to show off his power over everyone, and then the two decide to use sex as weapon against him.. Needless to say, this is one of the biggest points of contention among fans and anti-fans.
Anon commenter 1: "I especially "love" how the authors and their whiteknights were all like "we're fixing the inaccuracy and problematicness of hetalia canon!" when no, they weren't. They were just making it innacurate and problematic in a way that was over-the-top grimdark and also really rapey. Noooo thanks."
Anon commenter 2: "Problematizing a Western-centric view of world history by... making the Western nations more fucked up, China more victimized, and continuing to ignore the rest of the world? ehhh no."

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