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YMMV / Alien vs. Predator (Capcom)

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  • Game-Breaker: Linn Kurosawa's jumping downward stab/air throw. The stab can hit downed enemies off the ground, and can be done repeatedly while she's still in the air, resulting in a juggle combo. The Air throw allows her to pick up said juggled enemies and also lifts her a little higher in the air. See a pattern there? A skilled player can jump once, and kill some bosses without her feet touching the ground.
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  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Dutch and Linn are pretty much the early Bill Rizer and Lucia. And like Lucia, Linn too is also a female cyborg.
  • Inferred Holocaust: In order to finally destroy the alien hive in San Drad, California, Lt. Kurosawa sets the spaceship's autopilot to crash into it. She initiated a Colony Drop in order to nuke a Xenomorph hive only a few dozen miles from other human-occupied settlements. Then again, it's better than letting the Xenomorphs breed...
    • Plus, it's likely all those settlements were evacuated before the Xenos came...
  • No Problem with Licensed Games: This is one of the most fondly remembered licensed games ever made.
  • Oddball in the Series: Not that this is a bad thing mind you, but seeing Ki Attacks, Predators speaking fluent English; and fighting along side cyborg ninjas is probably about as weird as the franchise has ever gotten.

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