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YMMV / Alien Shooter

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  • Awesome Music: Track 2 can really get your blood pumping.
  • Game-Breaker: Vengeance has the laser rifles. On paper they sound inferior to the other weapon; sure, they damage a lot, but they are too precise to hit crowds, and the firing rate is fairly low. Then you try one for kicks, shoot it at the empty area near the shop, and... all the lamps in the vicinity break. Laser gun with splash damage? Hell yeah. Buy that, and for a good few levels you need worry about no other weapon.
    • Zombie Shooter 2 has several: the second-tier sniper rifle, which you get for free at a point where it will positively one-shot everything in the game, uses only one bullet of ammo that comes in stacks of 150, and will remain one of the most useful weapons until the very end; the gatling guns, which you get surprisingly early on and will absolutely liquefy anything they're pointed at (they'd be balanced by the high ammo consumption if ammo wasn't cheap as chips in the shops); and the nuclear missile launcher, which will clear a room from all enemies but the rocket grunts in one shot and will clear it from them in two - and its ammo comes in stacks of fifty.

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