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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: We can only assume that the amount of times she's dyed her hair has affected her brain, resulting in her Heel–Face Revolving Door.
  • Base-Breaking Character: Since her first big push in 2010, attitudes towards Alicia are divisive. Plenty of smart marks were quick to lump her in with the 'bad' Divas, and she got a sizeable amount of backlash for one botched spot that resulted in Beth Phoenix getting a swollen eyenote  Other fans - usually Diva fans - praise her work, find her to be underrated and feel she should be pushed more.
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  • Critical Dissonance: Diva Dirt writers were awaiting her face turn and praised her performance in the role. However most fans seem to prefer her as a heel.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Has been something of a favourite among Diva fans since 2009.
  • Fashion-Victim Villain: Her set of outfits that resemble a pinata.
  • From Bad to Worse: After botching all over The Glamazon's face, she then tried to cut a flirty, babyface promo to the crowd, telling them to have a "Foxy holiday". The smarky Philadelphia crowd booed her out of the building.
    Diva Dirt: I don't know what's scarier - seeing Beth take that finisher or being wished a 'Foxy Holiday'...
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Her segment with Dule Hill where she threw a tantrum after losing her match. Fast forward to 2014 where throwing epic ringside tantrums after losing has become her character.
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  • Foe Yay: With Melina. They actually kissed on screen.
  • Just Here for Godzilla: Some Diva fans say they watched 205 Live only for her.
  • Love to Hate: Most fans agree she's best suited to playing an evil hammy heel.
  • Memetic Mutation:
  • Narm Charm: She's known for Evil Is Hammy but she uses it to make herself an effective heel, while still being endearing in some way.
  • Never Live It Down
    • The above mentioned injury to Beth Phoenix. Her detractors would have you think that, along with her title defense against Melina at Summer Slam were only her only matches. Since we're on the topic, her title defense at Summer Slam, where miscommunication between the two lead to Alicia working the wrong limbnote , even though Melina's return from injury was all hyped up. While not match of the year candidates, every match they had before and after Summer Slam was better.
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    • In November of 2011, she and Natalya Neidhart had a match that lost 981,000 viewers, making it the third most turned off Raw match of the year. This is most likely why she lost her push to Beth Phoenix and Eve Torres.
  • Portmanteau Couple Name: Foxsana, for her alliance with Aksana. Became an Ascended Meme as commentators referred to them by the name on television.
  • Suspiciously Similar Song: Her initial entrance theme "Shake Yo' Tail" was an obvious one to Nelly's "Hot In Here".
  • Tear Jerker: Her interview on Lilian Garcia's podcast was notably the first time she had ever discussed her background publicly - revealing that she came from a history of abuse, has struggled with alcoholism and was even left partially blind for two years. When she was asked about her career, she admitted to feeling embarrassed about how it had turned out. She even confessed she wasn't sure if she was good enough to be pushed in a meaningful capacity.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: Her batty tantrum queen character in 2014 got a lot praise, and fans seemed to be responding well to it. But for no reason, Alicia was pulled out of any storylines and the craziness was phased out. According to Aksana, WWE had planned a side-feud between her and Alicia (that would have happened while the primary AJ and Paige feud was going on) but it ended up dropped when Aksana was abruptly released.

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