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  • Complete Monster: The Cheshire Cat is a quirky yet sadistic demon who feeds on human souls because he finds them tastier than animal souls. Preferring the souls of children because they are easier to break, the Cat helps his fellow demons spread Nightmare Syndrome—a condition where a person is trapped in a nightmare and never wakes up—then removes a body part from his victims to add to his own body. After making a deal with Teacher/David to help him study the syndrome, the Cat works with the White Rabbit to torment Teacher's adopted children with traumatic memories and deceive Allen Llewellyn into making them vulnerable. The Cat warps the children into grotesque forms and leaves them unable to speak, then eventually forces Allen to either sacrifice one of their souls to him or allow himself to be possessed. If Allen does not sacrifice the children, the Cat eventually takes Teacher's soul instead. In the endings where Allen agrees to give himself up for the others' safety, the Cat expresses his intentions to go back on the deal and eat them, hoping to make Allen suffer even more.
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  • Obvious Judas: The White Rabbit being a demon would have been a legitimately shocking twist... had the intro not flat-out said, in a cryptic reference to the overall story, that "the rabbit is the worst of them all".

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