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YMMV / Alexander Otsuka

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  • Awesome Music: His entrance theme music "AO Corner" by Takashi Aonishi.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Even before his star-making fight against Marco Ruas, Otsuka used to place highly every time a Japanese pro wrestling magazine did a crowd poll, despite his home promotion, Battlarts, being just a small indy feud. He was literally called a cult hero.
  • LGBT Fanbase: He is shockingly popular amongst Japan's LGBT community, among other things due to the open fact that he used to work in a gay magazine. The Otoko Sakari gimmick was created as a tribute of sorts to them.
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  • Mexicans Love Speedy Gonzales: You would not think any LGBT people could love a character who represents them by going around in a thong and shoving his ass into people's faces, but they do.
  • Shocking Moments: From beating up a vale tudo legend one day, to hooking a fighter with a pro wrestling move the next.

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