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  • Best Known for the Fanservice: A large amount of people remember the film for that one scene Rosario Dawson spends in full frontal nudity.
  • Better on DVD: The various longer cuts of the film are as a rule considered immensely superior to the theatrical cut. Stone himself concurs.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Queen Olympias. Lady Macbeth-like Manipulative Bitch. Played by Angelina Jolie. With a devilish twinkle in her eye and Psychotic Smirk. Just. Plain. Hot!
  • Ho Yay:
    • Alexander and Hephaistion. 'Nuff said.
    • Alexander and Bagoas, in the Director's Cut.
  • Mis-blamed:
    • Oliver Stone and some others blamed Americans and their rampant homophobia when there were some complaints about a bisexual Alexander the Great. They more or less explained that all or most Americans were homophobic and completely ignorant of history. The only problem: there weren't really any complaints on the American side concerning Alexander's sexuality. The complaints were coming from conservative Greeks. No one called them out on it.
    • On top of that, Stone later blamed the movie's poor reviews and box office on American homophobia once again, ignoring the fact that the movie did not do well anywhere. The following year, Brokeback Mountain was a commercial and critical hit in the US, further proving America can enjoy a movie featuring LGBT characters.
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    • On the other side if the fence, Stone didn't have much say in what ended up being released as the Theatrical Version. The film is edited in such fashion the already Narmful material starts to just grate on the audience. The DVD releases are considerably better and acclaimed as such.
  • Narm:
    • Surely almost all of the movie. It's hard enough to take Irish Macedonians seriously without taking Alexander's crazy wig changes into account, or that hideous love scene with Roxane (including, maybe especially, the little scene with Hephaistion immediately before)
      "You lawv kheem?" "He is Hephaistion."
    • The Macedonians were supposed to have Irish accents, as this was an artistic device to emphasise the cultural differences between the Macedonians and the Greeks, who considered the latter to be more rough and primitive. The problem is that, aside from the Macedonians, no one else has a consistent accent; see most of the Persians, for example, or Angelina Jolie's very Egyptian-tinted Queen Olympias.
      • Queen Olympias was from Epirus (modern Albania) which is why hers is different. And the late Achaemenid Empire (Persia) claimed 50 million subjects spread over 8 million square kilmoeters. It's understandable that their accents would not be consistent amongst all Persians.
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    • Colin Farrell's performance swings back and forth between extremes, one being hyper-manly Large Ham and the other being a cripplingly wimpy mama's boy, with hilarious facial expressions and even more hilarious hair. Come to think of it, his hair deserves this entry.
    • Irish people have a hard enough time taking this film seriously, but when Mick Lally (now-deceased well-known star of now-deceased soap opera Glenroe, along with prodigious stage career) shows up, playing a freaking Macedonian horse-trader, and hamming it up for all he's worth, it just takes the cake.
    • Alexander seeing the statue of his father come alive and nod at him.
    • Alexander getting statue eyes in battle.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Rory McCann plays Craterus,one of Alexander's generals, years before his role as the Hound.
  • Tear Jerker: Hephaestion's inevitable death is made all the more poignant when Alexander, who has become progressively disillusioned with his dreams throughout the film, starts speaking to him hopefully about all the great things they have yet to accomplish and how they will grow old together. Hephaestion dies in the middle of the speech, while Alexander keeps going without even noticing.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: The story of Alexander the Great is one of most incredible in human history. Somehow they managed to take this and turn it into a badly cast narmfest that turned audiences off in droves.
  • WTH, Casting Agency?: Colin Farrell as Alexander the Great. Also Angelina Jolie as Olympias, who plays Alexander's mother, yet Jolie is only a year older than Farrell.


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