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YMMV / Alessa’s Fantasies

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  • Catharsis Factor:
    • After everything Cynthia has done, watching them beg for mercy before Alessa tosses them to their doom feels pretty good.
    • Alessa avenging her family by killing Satan himself.
  • Complete Monster:
    • Alessa:
      • Nicholas, later revealed to be Old Scratch himself, is a sadistic Fallen Angel. Cast out of Heaven after attempting to slaughter humanity, Nicholas joined forces with Alexander Brimstone and conspired with him to poison the young Princess Mary. When that plan failed, and Mary survived, Nicholas turned Alexander's men into demonic creatures and lead an assault against her kingdom, killing everyone there and leaving her as the Sole Survivor and with amnesia. After tossing her into the ocean, Nicholas attacks the kingdom Mary washes up on, destroying the watchtowers that lined the coast and killing all the men inside. Striking a deal with Mary, now Alessa, Nicholas promised to spare the kingdom is she managed to get her powers back. Not only was he lying, he undermines the deal by sending Cynthia Wilson to kill both her and Lola before this happened. When Lola manages to help Alessa get her powers back, Nicholas, who had been watching them, panics. Killing Alexander when he talks back and strangling the High Priestess to death, he attempts to slaughter the kingdom anyway. When Alessa arrives and forces his army to surrender, Nicholas kills them all in rage before attempting to kill Alessa himself.
      • The aforementioned Cynthia Wilson is a vicious teenager with a nasty homophobic streak. Having caused several LGBT girls to commit suicide prior to her first appearance, Cynthia is introduced mocking Lola about her girlfriend, Faith, who she had earlier bullied into jumping off the roof. When Nicholas arrives and word spreads of his deal with Alessa, Cynthia, having no faith that Lola will successfully return her powers, makes a deal with Nicholas to kill them both to save herself, selling out her kingdom and killing her "friends" to seal the deal. Tracking Alessa and Lola to a village, she slaughters everyone and sadistically tortures the son of the innkeeper to the hotel the two stayed at. After the woman told her where they went, Cynthia killed them both anyway. Confronting Alessa and Lola, she takes the latter hostage. She then attempts to kill them both, bragging about what she did to the village all the while.
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    • Alessa and the Kingdom of Shadows: The Shadow Queen is the wicked ruler of the Shadow Kingdom. Originally a queen who desired godhood, she struck a deal with the dark forces to acquire power, relocating her entire kingdom to the dark world to achieve said power. Kidnapping numerous people for over a century, she either converts them into Shadows by showing them propaganda, or sacrifices young girls to get the power she desires. Having little care for her own civilians, she allows corrupt policemen to kill anyone in their path and at one point blows up an entire block in an attempt to kill Alessa. With Alessa in her grasp, she plans to indoctrinate her in her army, where she will have her lead her soldiers to slaughter Annabel's kingdom once she's done sacrificing her.
    • Phillip: Dr. Samuel Valentine is a vampire supremacist who seeks to inhabit the world with daywalkers in order to fully diminish humanity. To this end, Valentine kidnaps fifteen women and rapes them to produce dhampirs, with eight of them dying from their babies bursting out of the wound. When Phillip, Luna, and Serenata invade his hideout, Valentine has his six remaining captives doused in gasoline and threatened with being burned alive should they not let him go.
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • Nicholas and Alexander crossed it with their slaughter of Alessa’s (Mary’s) kingdom.
    • Cynthia was already a horrid excuse for a person, but killing her friends and betraying her kingdom launches her way past the line.

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