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  • Game-Breaker: The global-exclusive character Roxanne is widely considered to be this, as her unique class Shadow Broker gives her access to many extremely powerful piercing and AoE attacks, including one that completely emptied the Jewels of enemies it hit. This particular skill was so powerful, especially in PVP, that it was eventually rebalanced so as not to zero out Jewels anymore, and it can now only be used one time. In spite of this, she's still an incredibly powerful ranged attacker, especially with access to strong passive skills from the Machinist and Spy jobs.
    • The grenades also bypass many resistances based on the type of attack; enemies may be tougher against slash or missile or magic attacks, but the grenades don't count as any of those types.
    • In addition, her base attacks and counters as Shadow Broker are both two-hit attacks. Even if she doesn't penetrate protections, she can hit a target twice naturally, which can break or at least wear down barriers based on numbers of hits and break units with low HP but high defenses that reduce damage to 1 usually. Further, her unique counter also heals her (unless it only did one damage per hit).
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    • Many collaborations include at least one unit that is considered a game breaker due to their power and/or versatility. Noctis was considered this for a time, due to having teleports (including a healing teleport) and powerful spells; his base class has a three hit AOE water spell, a three square cross lighting spell that could inflict poison, and a one unit fire spell that could inflict stop, and he has Battle Mage as another option for magic (including a drain attack and a wind spell on his secondary skill list). Laharl routinely is on the top-tier fire unit lists (in both nations, mind) almost a year after his Global release and even longer in Japan, due to having a ranged AOE, a self-focused AOE that doesn't hit allies AND buffs his own stats, and a slew of other attacks. At writing, the collaboration with Attack On Titan just released in the US, and both Eren and Levi are considered high-power units. And though her home game is not available outside Japan, Phantom Of The Kill powerhouse Dark Masamune is considered to be the Japanese equivalent to Roxanne by many who have played both versions. A major factor with most, if not all, of these units is a mix of close quarters and ranged damage, large skill lists with a mix of damage types (either in terms of element or attack type), and unique jobs with solid passives.

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