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YMMV / Albert Campion

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  • Author Existence Failure: Allingham passed away in the middle of writing a Campion novel. It was finished by her husband Phillip Youngman Carter, who later wrote two more Campion novels of his own. They're remembered as pretty mediocre, if they're remembered at all.
  • Genre Adultery: The Campion books might be billed as mystery stories, but Margery Allingham often switched between genres (helped by the fact that Campion was quite versatile). Sure, she had whodunnits and country house murders, but there were also adventure novels, thrillers, comedies of manners, secret agent thrillers, mild science fiction, and mild fantasy/horror.
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  • Values Dissonance: The modern reader's sympathies are likely to abruptly reorient themselves when the Cause of Wicked Cousin George's blackmail of Great Aunt Caroline is revealed in Police at the Funeral (George's mother was of mixed race)

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