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YMMV / Albedo: The Role-Playing Game

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  • Critical Research Failure: There's a reason why Steven A. Gallacci, the creator of the comic, doesn't have a good opinion of the games, much less from the Platinum Catalyst re-release, as he consider them as Loose Canon at worst:
    • In the original games, the Lepines were included inside the Rodent family, when in both the original canon and Real Life, rabbits are considered as a separated racial group (lagomorphs). The GURPS conversion of the game and, oddly enough, the Platinum Catalyst version, fixes this oversight.
    • While those elements aren't included in the game, in the Structural Integrity expansion from the Platinum Catalyst version, there's a lots of non-Gallacci art depicting fighter jets similar to the F-16 Fighting Falcon and the F-35 Lightning II. In both the games and the comic book canon, fighter jet technology is non-existent for many reasons.
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    • The depiction of all the sides of the conflict in the Platinum Catalyst version deviates a lot from the original canon, especially everything related with the ILR, as they're depicted at almost Always Chaotic Evil, while the EDF is portrayed more positively and Enchawah is depicted as another corrupt Mega-Corp, while in the original canon they are depicted as the Only Sane Man instead.
    • In the Platinum Catalyst version, there are mentions about anticonceptive methods, such as condoms. By Word of God, anticonceptives does not exist in the Albedo universe, as the anthros can regulate their own hormones by themselves without the need of chemical or physical methods, not to mention there's no mention about STDs, heavily implying that, due to their own bio-chemical barriers, there's no way you can catch a STD anyway. The only exception of this rule is the main heroine Erma, whose own Feline biology is heavily screwed from birth, preventing her to avoid getting pregnant later on.

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