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  • Diagnosed by the Audience: It's clear that Alan suffers from some kind of disorder. A Freeze-Frame Bonus in one video hints he may be autistic. It's also a common observation that his portrayal is close to the classical image of a schizophrenia patient.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • Alan's cell in general, but especially the unidentified spinning meat, which begins to look remarkably like human legs.
    • How to watch youtube clips in HD 720p (computer tutorial) starts on a benign enough note, with Alan watching telling his viewers how to change the visual quality on the video he's watching. But then it abruptly changes to what looks to be cut footage from the earlier terrarium tutorial, in which Alan starts knocking the materials off the table and moaning incoherently. The strange and uncomfortable atmosphere isn't helped by the compressed, atonal noise blaring in the background. Alan himself seems unnerved by the video, given that he remains silent while watching himself have a tantrum.
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    • disk tutorial, where Alan is completely bloody, suggesting he was beaten up by whoever locked him up in the metal room he is in.
  • Realism-Induced Horror: While this is already a horror series, and the second half is less realistic than the first, with things being exaggerated. However, the first real bit of horror is in the very beginning, when all the audience knows is that Alan is a mentally handicapped man living in an abusive, or at least neglectful, household. The horror at this stage comes from watching Alan do his tutorials alone, some of them dangerous, while we receive numerous hints about his bad home life. It makes the series start off in a very unsettling way that slowly becomes more exaggerated and blatantly horrific.
  • Tear Jerker: "How to Pick Up a Blue Chair Off the Ground", where an audibly distressed Alan weeps hysterically whilst trying and failing to lift a baby blue wooden chair, eventually just giving up. The video's description doesn't help much either.
    "if your chair is on the floor, here is how to get it back and pick up all the pieces of something broken and unfair."
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  • The Woobie: Alan. Even though it's never made clear exactly what the deal is with him and the situation he's in, Alan's childish nature is endearing to many viewers and it's easy to want a much better life for him than what he is shown to have in his videos.