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  • Covered Up:
    • "Take Me Down" and "The Closer You Get" were both recorded by Exile back in that band's pop-rock era. The latter also had a version by Don King (not the boxing promoter) in between. (Incidentally, Exile would escape its One-Hit Wonder status by reinventing itself as a country music band somewhat in Alabama's image.)
    • "Touch Me When We're Dancing" was first a hit for a Muscle Shoals studio band called... wait for it... Bama. It was covered up by Carpenters before Alabama covered them up.
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    • Two versions of "Song of the South" had barely scraped the charts before Alabama's: one by Johnny Russell, and another by Tom T. Hall (as a duet with Earl Scruggs).
    • "In Pictures" was first recorded by Linda Davis.
  • Seasonal Rot: Many fans think that their sound got tired around Just Us in 1987 (their last album with Harold Shedd as producer, and the album that produced their only non-#1 hit of the 1980s, "Tar Top").

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