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YMMV / Akane no Mai

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  • Author's Saving Throw: The Akane no Mai consolidated story is planned to bring a revised/final draft story with changes relating to Persona 5 Royal and Code Vein already release by that timeframe. This allow the author to give a second chance to show to readers. One of which is showing the complete Code Vein lore and actual character developments from the Revenants from the zero beginning.
    • The fifth Yami Matter event when looking back in the early draft (Urban Legends), feels not as impactful despite being a major event. Plans for the Akane no Mai revision of that event is to make it more crucial with the complete Code Vein storyline, actual surprises, and other factors.
    • While Akechi is a guest character in the early draft, Akane no Mai plans to have him as an equal major character as the Phantom Thieves alongside Sumire.
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  • Crossover Ship: The main crossover couple features Hifumi and the Code Vein Protagonist.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Shinya Oda goes from a kid to a teenager with a major role in tagging along the young adult protagonists alongside his friends (Nicola and Reiko).

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