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  • What an Idiot!: Let's face it, as tragically heroic as his motivations may be, Ajax did a series of very, very stupid things.
    • So Ajax wants the armor of Achilles. Unfortunately for him Odysseus is decided to be the more worthy of the two by impartial prisoners. The prisoner's reasoning is that while Ajax is the one they dread to face in combat, everyone is afraid of Odysseus's devilish cunning.

You'd Expect: Ajax to do just let it go, there are many more things to plunder once they take Troy.

Or perhaps: He points out that Odysseus needs the armor less that he does, being the strategist while Ajax is a soldier.


Or even: If he's really desperate for that armor, he'll kill Odysseus in some manner. It would be petty and unjustified, but it would still qualify as a better decision then what he actually does.

Instead: He INSULTS THE GODS THEMSELVES over a petty grudge over some glory. Not only did this gain nothing whatsoever, not only is insulting the gods generally a bad idea, not only were the gods irrelevant to Ajax not getting the armor, but this is the Trojan war, where most of the gods would be present to notice someone like Ajax bad-mouthing them.

As a result: He actually gets off fairly easy all things considered, and is made insane enough to murder some sheep.


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