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  • Fanon Discontinuity: Most fans prefer to pretend that the stories which featured Valkyrie as the Communist agent never happened (because it went against all her prior characterization and history with Airboy). The Eclipse revival established that the Communist Valkyrie was the original's doppelganger.
  • Fair for Its Day: While the Japanese were usually depicted pretty the way you would expect them to be depicted in 1940s, the Japanese-Americans usually wound up looking less caricatured and were treated as full-fledged human beings rather than racial stereotypes. Heck, one Bald Eagle story actually featured a Japanese-American intelligence agent and his loyalty was never in doubt.
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  • Internet Backdraft: The second issue of a late Image Comics series garnered a lot of negative criticism from the LGBT community due to the unflattering portrayal of trans women for the sake of a dirty joke. At one point Airboy actually receives a blowjob in the bathroom of a club, and is then enraged when he learns "That lady had a penis!" It gets worse from there when Greg Hinkle, who is both the artist on the book and one of the main characters, jokes that Airboy was "Blown by a tranny!" Robinson later released a statement apologizing for the issue, saying that despite the intent of the book was to show Robinson and Hinkle as assholes he clearly went too far with the trans jokes. Although many feel Robinson is simply using the "Family Guy Defense" and aren't buying it.
  • Unfortunate Implications: Relative to the Transphobia controversy, Airboy's rant about James Robinson's "sick, ugly world" felt more reactionary since it was given after he was horrified by a realization about transsexuals and calling Robinson as "degenerate" for accepting it. While he would be portrayed a wrong, his world being portrayed as colorful and giving Robinson an inspiration to get out of ennui did not help much.

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