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YMMV / Aida (John/Rice)

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  • Awesome Music: "Dance of the Robe," "The Gods Love Nubia," "Fortune Favors the Brave," "My Strongest Suit," "Like Father Like Son," "Written in the Stars," "Every Story is a Love Story," just to name a few songs. Almost all the music in Aida is this.
  • Narm: "Every Story is a Love Story".
  • Painful Rhyme: "A stranger I just met/A woman whom I barely know at all and will forget."
    • Also the whole premise of the song "Like Father, Like Son."
    Radames: I've done wrong I can't deny.
    But at least I know that I
    Shouldn't blame that on my stock.
    Well this may come as quite a shock!
    But I'm no chip off any block!
    • "Just like me he's found that flesh/Can excite but will enmesh"
  • Strangled by the Red String: The transfer between captor and slave to secret lovers between Radames and Aida was not very smooth. They just sort of spontaneously stop hating each other.
    • Not so much on Radames' part—it's established from the beginning that he has at least a grudging respect for her and he sends her and her friends off for the easier positions of handmaidens rather than dangerous work in the mines. Plus, his efforts to change for the better are clearly an attempt to impress and woo her.


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