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  • Heartwarming Moments: The series finale there's a flashback where The Chief is watching Michael, Who is his son. sleeping at his desk. He places a pony toy on the desk, and taps him before running off before Michael wakes up. He sees the toy and eagerly grabs it before falling back asleep with it close to his head. The chief then goes back to kiss Michael on the cheek. Compared to what the series is up to that point, it is nice to know that there is some love happening.
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  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Michael and Dan being Bronies
  • Ho Yay: So much of it, played for laughs. For example, in the trailer (pre-Season 1), when DOB and Swaim start mouthing off, the narrator pronounces the new show tagline: "Two assholes suck each other off for an hour and a half!" Later in the trailer, they do exactly that.
    • Swaim welcomes DOB:
      Swaim: So you're my new partner. New meat.
      DOB: But... partner like cops, though. Not, like... gay guys.
    • In the bomb threat episode:
      DOB: We're gonna take turns searching for that bomb while the other one liveblogs. I'll go first. *rips open shirt*
      Swaim: *gasps* I've never been more attracted to you.
    • After talking to the chief:
      The Chief: Now get the hell out of here before I get bored and make you kiss each other.
      Swaim: (considering look at D.O.B.)
    • Michael was hugely enthusiastic about the idea of having a threesome with Dan and Dan's high school crush. They do, in Season 3.
      'Best friends threesome!'
    • And in the very end of season 3.
      Michael! What took you so long?
  • I Am Not Shazam: In one episode, the Chief video chats with Die Hard and Braveheart.
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  • Nightmare Fuel: The Face Book. We never actually see it, but the way it violently shakes, how it affects the other employees (If Michael didn't brutally injure them first,) and how it's implied that it contains several faces of dead children do more than enough to terrify some viewers.
    Mandy: Why do they whisper Dan? Why do they whisper!?
  • The Woobie: Poor Dan, stuck cleaning up after everyone's messes, sometimes failing entirely.


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