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YMMV / Age of Wonders: Planetfall

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  • Game-Breaker: Several of the Tier IV weapons qualify.
    • Death's Gaze is the most absurd of the lot, and by a pretty significant margin: it's a secondary weapon that, once per battle, deals 20 psi damage to every enemy unit on the field. Stack enough damage bonuses and it's possible to One-Hit Kill entire armies.
    • Edge. Dear Sweet Lord Cthulhu, Edge. It's a melee weapon that can be found with some luck as soon as you can field a stack of around 1200 power to tackle the sites it can drop from. It's also completely and utterly overpowered in a lot of ways all at once:
      1.) Being a psi weapon, it ignores all armor. Being a melee weapon it ignores all shields. The only protection that works against it is psi resistance and it applies a stacking debuff that lowers psi resist.
      2.) Other psi weapons tend to have reduced base damage to compensate for their better penetration. Edge actually hits a fair bit harder than the average melee weapon.
      3.) Edge has lifedrain. Most life-draining weapons or traits in Planetfall heal a fairly low flat amount per hit. Edge heals the wielder 1:1 for every point of damage inflicted which is usually enough to heal a hero back to full from near death if all three attacks land.
      4.) It grants immunity to psionic status effects, which are among the things one might otherwise turn to in order to stop a killing machine like an Edge wielder.
      5.) Speaking of psionic status effects, it can be used to deliver these if you have access to either the psi research tree or a friendly Psi-Fish dwelling.
      It looks like a glowing purple blade of crystal or Hard Light, but it's so cheesy it would be better represented as a block of sharp cheddar. About the only thing it isn't an I-Win button against is flying targets.

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