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YMMV / Agarest Senki 2

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  • Game-Breaker:
    • Arc-en-ciel, this skill is basically the reason why this game never crossed the Nintendo Hard line.
    • No Fear EX Skill plus a really high vitality stat = almost no enemy can kill you at all. Pair it up with some Change HP Up+ and enemies might as well not even bother trying to kill you at all.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Kana Ueda voices the high elf Ellis in the first game. Fair enough. In Agarest 2 Another Kana voices the high elf Fiona. And you can have them both in the same party. Too bad no combination attack with Ellis and Fiona.
  • Memetic Badass: The "Fairy" Mook. Here's why.
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  • Moral Event Horizon: Danaos sprints with it. He was a pretty decent guy in the first generation (seeing as you don't do much in Graccea at that point), but once generation two starts rolling in, he tricks the party to do a long Fetch Quest for him, uses his daughter as a way to kill the party, drugs Rasta to morph into a monster, kills Gideon just because he can, and kicks Mervina around whenever she fails her mission. All to summon Summerill at Aegisthus.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Eva's dream sequence where the darkness is invading her entire body. You could not help but scream tentacle rape with this CG.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • Jainus's Heroic Sacrifice. That is all.
    • Rasta's death. You will cry because he really didn't deserve any of this and that he had to die by Yumil's hand.
  • That One Boss: Sofia and her golem is one in the third generation, but only if you were unprepared for the fact that you lose four party members in this fight and if you rely on them too much: Jainus makes a Heroic Sacrifice, Fiona gets a Damsel in Distress moment, Eva is still recovering from a Heroic BSoD, and Sofia is the one you're fighting against. Needless to say, if you did not have a back up save, and a back up party to replace the four of them, you might as well restart the game. This battle is still considered as a Boss Rush too. What this means is that whatever HP you had from the last boss fight, your HP is still going to be the same in this fight. Not to mention that, if you leave the Master Golem at near-death HP, it'll activate its "Iron Wall" EX Skill for both it AND the mage, making their physical defense nearly-impossible to get through via physical attacks, best to NOT cut down its HP to near-death until ABSOLUTELY certain you'll kill it, Overkill or not.
  • The Woobie:
    • Chaos in a nutshell really. Let's see, he happens to be the leader of the dark gods who really just wants to be with Varna but Lenion gets to marry her first. Heartbroken, and being taken advantaged of Mobius to start the war, he gets defeated and sealed in the Zaint Luke pillar for a really long time.
    • Yumil gets a pretty shitty hand dealt to her too. First off, her parents die when she's ten. Then she's engaged to her brother, and while she admits that she does love him, it's not in the romantic sense and she's only going through with it out of a sense of duty. Said brother falls ill, so she goes out to look for a cure. She discovers she's a Maiden of the Pillar, which in Eva's words makes her nothing more than a brood mare for "the vessel's" pleasure. When she does bring her brother the cure, it goes horribly, horribly wrong and turns him into a demon she and the party are forced to put down. And then her clan kicks her out, after refusing to take responsibility for their part in his death.


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