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YMMV / Aftermath: The DB Chronicles

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  • Acceptable Targets: People with different opinions on how the fight would go are often treated as okay people who simply disagree. People who wage war on Death Battle or call accusations of bias and use track records as proof of who will win?
    • Taiyang has been pretty much accepted as a target of ridicule in the show. However, this comes across less like Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped and more like a case of Ron the Death Eater.
    • Jaune has also become this, mainly due to the author's personal bias against him.
  • Arc Fatigue: Although Yang's depression at the hate she would receive constantly was understandable, it could be tiring at times until she had developed.
  • Ass Pull: The curse that Ganon casts comes across as this due to having never been foreshadowed before, with Ganon explaining why it targeted Yang of all people with "mysterious ways" explanation and everyone just accepts it.
    • The ending to Chapter 110 seems to go this with Yin going back to normal using the Power of Love...with barely any foreshadowing. Yeah...
    • The entire Mewtwopoint arc was created because of a bomb traveling through time exploded. The bomb is never foreshadowed, never explained and glossed over in supplementary material.
  • Author's Saving Throw: X seemed to have heard the criticisms of overusing certain characters and the amount of venting in recent chapters, as he's decided to focus on other characters and has started to minimize the venting. Shouldn't be a surprise since he's made it clear that he's aware that the fanfic has a trope page.
  • Author Tract: People who complain about Death Battle are whiny and annoying. It was fun for the first twenty chapters, not so much for the other eighty. It gets especially tiring as the characters will go Out of Character for this to happen.
    • Chapter 101 has Guts, of all people, being shocked at Taiynag's "arm joke." Ignoring the fact that Yang was canonically FINE with the joke, Guts holds the record of having the worst backstory of any character in Death Battle (rivalling Ragna, see the BlazBlue tearjerker page for more info), even all of anime and manga. At best, he would roll his eyes at this. On average he would probably chew Yang out for acting like her dad was bad, especially in comparison to his own.
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    • Chapter 132 has Tucker of all people chastising Jaune's Cassanoa Wannabe tendencies. Tucker, the guy who lampshades innuendos, makes numerous sexual innuendos, has tried picking up any women who wouldn't kick hiss ass immediately (to the point of trying to pick up a Gender Bent Church)and once gotten his ass kicked for trying to pick up girls at a wedding. Gets even worse in Chapter 134 where Tucker apparently chewed Jaune out for forging his transcripts for Beacon...when he himself only went into the army to pick up chicks.
    • Also in Chapter 134: There is a conversation between Yang and Mewtwo, which goes out of it's way to insult the RWBY fanbase for no other reason than the author was criticized for attacking the writers while also blocking people who criticized him.
    • In Chapter 140 has Jaune having an obviously one-sided debate with the opposing side espousing the author's issues with Jaune...except many of these issues don't work if you are familiar with RWBY.
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    • Chapter 158 has this yet again with RWBY with the author using Yang and Tifa as mouthpieces to voice his grievances with the show.
    • Chapters 156 - 161 are almost entirely populated with complaints about Batman having his third appearance in Death Battle.
  • Better Than Canon: Sort of. While it doesn't change any results, it finds ways to justify the results and even points out some of Death Battle's flaws, and the heroes living with each other and being friendly (usually) helps any heroes who were portrayed less positively on the show than their official works (Yang and Toph for example).
  • Continuity Lockout: Lots of inside jokes that many people will probably not get if they haven't heard of the franchises the characters are from, such as Trigon "pulling a Zodd" after losing his arm. note 
  • Fridge Brilliance: Cloud's reaction towards realizing he was fictional may just seem like a joke, but considering the things that have been done to his memory before, the last thing he needed would be to hear that he doesn't completely exist.
  • Fridge Logic:
    • Chapter 104 has a few:
    • If Ganon's curse wasn't specifically targeting Yang at first, wouldn't a magic user in the hotel, especially Zelda, sense it's presence?
    • If Ganon's curse targets the most emotionally weak then it would probably target Guts seeing as Guts has suffered far more than Yang, has more trouble controlling his emotions and is influenced by three dark magic like entities (his Brand Of Sacrifice, The Berserker Armor and the Beast of Darkness) which would make it easier for a curse to possess him. This becomes even confusing as the use a Soul Edge shard to further corrupt Yang when Guts was Nightmare's opponent and would be more susceptible to it's power.
    • The entire Mewtwopoint arc was apparently caused by a bomb traveling through time exploding and crashing Ben's explanation is given for the bomb, where it came from, who made it, why it was made, why it was traveling through time and how it exploding caused a computer to crash.

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