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YMMV / After The Dark

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  • Critical Research Failure:
    • One of the students is designated an astronaut, a profession which everyone else considers irrelevant in the event of an apocalypse. However, astronauts are expected to be highly qualified in either engineering, biological science, physical science, or mathematics, in addition to being in peak physical condition. Given that Petra, an engineer, is allowed in because of her job, this mistake is glaring — until one considers they're in high school and might be at the level to make this mistake.
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    • The hedge fund manager's worth is reevaluated after the reveal that she's carrying millions of dollars' worth of precious gems and gold, ostensibly for bartering. This ignores the fact that gems and gold are luxuries and their worth is limited to developed societies with established access to basic necessities. No amount of gems will directly grow food, or make clothes, or build homes; the group will have to sit on those resources for years before they become valuable.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Pretty much everyone to some degree besides Petra, James and Zimit, but particularly Chips, Jack and Andy.
  • Informed Ability: Petra is repeatedly stated to be the best logical thinker of the student body and has the highest grade possible. Throughout the film, she does little to demonstrate exactly why this is, instead preferring to completely disregard logic in favour of emotional thinking and thus completely negating the purpose of the thought-experiments being presented. Of course, the fact that she and Zimit had a relationship Pre Canon might have something to do with him flattering her in such a way, as well as giving the potential explanation that she's deliberately being illogical throughout the film to get back at him.
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  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: The film's advertised setup is a group of philosophy students debating who are best suited to survive an apocalypse and rebuild. Unfortunately it's a bad-faith premise since the teacher has an underhanded objective to target a particular student and show off how effective his own reasoning is. He sabotages each scenario with Word of God and Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies, rendering the students' discussion largely pointless. The film's true plot about the love triangle and intellectual struggle between Zimit and Petra is worthwhile, but it undercuts the advertised premise entirely.

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