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YMMV / Adventure Time S 6 E 8 Furniture And Meat

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  • What an Idiot!: Might as well have been the very title of the episode. Several points:
    • The very premise of the episode. Finn and Jake have been sitting on a fortune and a war elephant, and it hasn't occurred to them for six entire seasons to spend it?
    • When they do get around to spending it, Jake starts being extremely foolhardy with it, to the point of being an outright Jerk Ass to the Wildberry citizens. One instance even had him make two berries eat the gold if they wanted it. It's because of this that it nearly gets the both of them killed, when he tries to mess with Wildberry Princess.
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    • Finn sees all this unfolding, so he concocts a plan to try to get rid of the money. That plan? To go to the seediest part of the Kingdom and donate the money. Unsurprisingly, he gets attacked and nearly robbed.
    • Jake, who can shapeshift and change size at will, is seemingly helpless when he has his hands tied by regular ropes. When BMO hits him with an arrow, he even sprouts a third arm to make use of it. But until then he was apparently resigned to being executed.
    • And at the end of the episode, their entire fortune is completely gone, down to the last coin. Never mind the fact that if they actually need it in an emergency, they are now completely broke, something which completely bites them in the ass in "Ocarina".

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