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YMMV / Adventure Time S 5 E 50 Lemonhope Part 1

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  • Strawman Has a Point: It can't be argued that Lemonhope acts like an Ungrateful Bastard in this episode but it also can't be argued that Bubblegum doesn't handle things well at all in this situation. Her attempts at teaching Lemonhope veer into Because I Said So and she doesn't help things by using "unacceptable" with Lemonhope. There is also the fact that she is putting the salvation of the lemon people entirely on Lemonhope with no assistance from herself in that regard whatsoever. She does imply that she is working on a long term timescale in that regard but the fact is her plan is basically teach Lemonhope what she feels he needs to know and send him after an incredibly vicious and deranged Lemongrab, someone that even a Badass Normal like Finn would have problems with.

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