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YMMV / Adventure Time: Frozen Hearts

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  • Complete Monster: Sifine is a cruel Frostkin who ruled the earth as an Ice Queen long ago with her husband. When the Earth began warming up, Sifine decides that she doesn't want to die, so she poisons her own husband and sacrifices the lives of all the other Frostkins to power her crown so that she could gain Immortality, but the spell backfired and she ended up being sealed into the crown. Over the centuries, many warriors wielded the crown but ended up getting cursed by it, the most notable victim being Simon Petrikov, whose influence from the crown ultimately drove away his fiancee Betty and his adopted daughter Marceline and turned Simon into the insane Ice King 1,000 years later. Deciding to pick on an easier target, Sifine successfully manipulates Damon into becoming her servant and controls him into killing Christine along with several other scientists and soldiers and tries to attack Cube village, crippling him in the process. Once Damon is stopped, Sifine tries to influence Simon into wearing the crown, but Betty offers herself to wear it to keep Simon safe but managed to quickly knock it off. Having attained enough resources, Sifine eventually decides to turn Earth into a permanent Ice Age, freezing everyone to death so she could restore her body all to remake the world in her image.
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  • Harsher in Hindsight: The ending for this story is this for the canon fates of Simon and Betty. In this story after everything they gone thought, Simon and Betty are finally together and both have ice powers. In canon Simon and Betty are separate yet again the Betty become the new GOLB and banishes herself from the planet to protect Simon and everyone else. At least Simon is cured of his Ice King powers.
  • Heartwarming in Hindsight: In this story, Betty leaves Simon after he goes on some kind of nutty rant under the crown's influence. Then, in canon, it is revealed that Betty never truly left Simon, she simply jumped into the portal to the future to be with him.

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