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YMMV / Adore

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  • Tear Jerker: A lot of the tracks on the album, really, due to its nature.
    • "Annie-Dog" is a depressing listen all-around, not just due to its very minimalistic piano-led sound, but also due to Corgan's broken vocals singing about the numbed, hellish life of a prostitute (maybe).
    • All of the songs about Corgan's mother's death. "For Martha", "Once Upon a Time", etc.
      • "Once Upon a Time" is especially sad because of how the lyrics are basically Corgan talking to his mom about how meaningless his life has gotten since she passed. The sound of the song is also especially whimsical, which possibly alludes to a feeling of youth..
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  • Vindicated by History: The album was regarded as a commercial flop on release (although still critically well received), but as Corgan predicted would happen to the album, its stature has improved significantly with time. A Pitchfork review that gave the album reissue an 8.5 claimed that Adore is called underrated so often that it can't possibly be true anymore.


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