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YMMV / Adam Warlock

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  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: After years spent away from Earth, Warlock returns there to confront the Star-Thief, only to discover that he is now gigantic next to the Solar System and can't even enter his homeworld. The villain explains to him that, because of "universal expansion", and "some sectors of the universe expanding faster than others", Adam has inadvertently expanded far beyond his original human size, and Star-Thief gloats that there's no way for Adam to kill him without destroying Earth in the process. Thing is, Warlock's stature before and after this story is always consistent with all other aliens species he has run into, with no differences in size other than the ones accounted by Bizarre Alien Biology, and the very next appearance of Warlock (in the pages of Marvel Team-Up #55) had him shrunken back down to regular size anyhow. Although this episode convinces Warlock to abandon Earth for good since "he can't go home again", he was already fine roaming the spaceways of his own volition and wouldn't even have returned to Earth if not for the Star-Thief, so this bizarre and quickly-dismissed twist added nothing to his character, history, or development.
  • Faux Symbolism:
    • It's amazing that Marvel got away with publishing a science fiction faux-Crucifixion in the early 70s.
    • The Church of Universal Truth, an evil religious alien organization that Adam battled, is also heavily influenced by the Church - it was largely Author Appeal at the time. Jim Starlin is an atheist/Recovering Catholic and was a very strong opponent of organized religion. Starlin would later concede he was a little anvilicious about it.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: Marvel apparently decided they couldn't have two Warlocks (who were completely separate, dissimilar and had never met), so they threw the New Mutants' Warlock under a bus when they brought back Adam. The two would finally meet and team up to fight Ultron in "Annihilation Conquest".

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