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  • Awesome Moments:
    • Anthony O'Reilly Jr's speech about his journey to the film industry.
    "We're all of us in this big huge boat, and literally going to the same destination. Some of us will jump out of the boat and go back, and say "it's just not for me", they'll swim back. But people like you and me Bobby, me and you, will sit on that boat and it doesn't matter if it takes fucking years to sit on that boat and get to that destination. Because we know when we reach that destination, it's gonna be worth it."
    • Adam Kearney likewise stressing the importance of doing whatever you have to do to work your way up the industry you want to be involved with - he ended up investing 2000 into building his equipment and travel expenses for unpaid shoots just for experience - knowing it'll pay off in the long run. And within a year, he was working regularly (and once lockdown was over, was right back at it).
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Bobby has expressed surprise at how many people have told him they liked Adam Douglas's interview the best, considering it was his first and he felt he found his feet much later.
  • Fans Prefer the New Her: Greg gave himself a buzzcut on a dare, and had to shave his beard for an audition. Despite it not being his preferred look, a lot of viewers liked it on him.
  • Funny Moments:
    • Bobby brings up a certain quote from The Nutters that everyone loves to throw at Adam Douglas. Adam groans, prompting Bobby to start literally cackling.
    • Meg Birley gets compared to Katherine Langford and then talks about another actress she was compared to in an upcoming Netflix series. The others realise the series is Cursed, and Meg collapses into hysterical giggles when she's told it's the same actress.
    • Bobby producing a book and reading out every one of Rebecca Christina Flynn's best quotesnote  - and then revealing there is nothing written in the book, and he just knows the quotes off by heart.
    • Jordan Lennon sighing at how far away Wicklow is, Bobby suggesting he can stay with him in the future and getting "I think Greg has a few bad stories from staying with you in response". Jordan hurriedly backtracks and says "I think he loves it there". Gilligan Cut to a clip of Greg screaming.
    • And in Greg's interview, there's a montage of all the times he's screamed on set. He apologises to Mikey Kane, the sound technician of What I Stand For. The first comment is from Mikey, saying "you're forgiven, Greg."
    • Greg accidentally falling off the chair while attempting to dab.
    • Michele McNally's story about how she moved into a new house on the same day her brother had a baby. Bobby asked "what gender? The baby, not the house" - and in her interview she clarifies "the baby was a male, but the house was female".
    • Kendal Squeeing at Bobby's "future Saturday Night Live cast member" joke and saying "I think about that on my dark days."
    • Kayne Harrison describing calling up his agent to tell her he'd managed to get himself an audition for a major Hollywood film - and getting a Flat "What" in response.
    • Greg's interview being interrupted by an enraged Liam Gaynor demanding to know why he hasn't been interviewed yet either. The two thought of the idea right before filming, and Liam jumped at the chance (apparently doing about six takes to be suitably threatening).
    • Sarah Elisabeth Flinton mentions that when she was playing Desdemona in Othello, she had to spend the last twenty minutes of the show lying on the stage - and would regularly fall asleep. Her friend Leah had to keep waking her up for the bows at the end.
    • Bobby's ultimate 'Not Perfect' moment in the Tony Rossi interview - asking a friend casually if his parents were dead. Not only was he told "Bobby, you've met my mother" but he quickly remembered he'd liked one of her Facebook posts literally an hour ago.
    • Bobby playfully ribbing Liam about naming a character after him in an upcoming project. Liam jokes that his name is forbidden.
      Bobby: Which name is forbidden?
      Liam: You know quite fucking well which name!
  • Harsher in Hindsight:
    • In his interview with Michele, Bobby talks about a project of theirs called Blackbird that was submitted for a funding scheme he's waiting to hear back from. They heard back in between filming and upload, and they weren't accepted.
    • Rebecca Christina Flynn's interview has them discussing how they don't necessarily mind neurotypical actors playing autistic roles - Rebecca praising Freddie Highmore in The Good Doctor. Then the infamous Sia film Music ignited a controversy for its apparent Hollywood Autism, and both Bobby and Rebecca were particularly outspoken about it. Rebecca was even calling for boycotts of the film.
    • Interviews recorded in the summer and autumn talk about the pandemic as though it's slowly ending and things are returning to normal. Ireland would go back into lockdown in October, and again after that in January.
  • Heartwarming in Hindsight:
    • The interviews with Liam Gaynor and Luke Byrne have them referencing Jordan Lennon's brother Jack preparing for a film called 'Boxed In', and everyone wishing them well with it. The film would end up screening at the 2021 Galway Film Fleadh, and earning Jackson critical acclaim.
    • Luke Byrne says that he'll hopefully have a film of his own released next year. The interview was uploaded the next year, right as his ambitious Family Painting: The Untold Story film was in post-production - and a highly anticipated one at that.
    • Kayne Harrison talks about getting an audition for a big film and not getting the part because it went to "a name". But the next year, he'd be cast in the Netflix film Resort To Love.
  • Heartwarming Moments:
    • Bobby's speech to Adam Douglas, after he opened up about struggling to fit in and trying to change himself to be liked by other people.
    "You are you. You are the way you are, and I fucking love you, Adam. I would not have you any other way."
    • Kendal asks Bobby what kind of films he'd like to be in. After he lists a few, he then mentions that anything she stars in because he'd love to work with her again. Kendal responds that she'd likewise star in anything he's in. According to him, after they stopped recording they stayed on Zoom chatting for over an hour (and he'd been extremely nervous to talk to her beforehand) and signed off saying "I love you."
    • In Bernard M's interview, Bobby recalls reluctantly answering an open casting call for featured extras and it ended up being where they met. Bernard says he's grateful for going too "because look who I'm talking to now."
    • Bobby talking about his favourite scene he's ever filmed - the climax of High and Tight where he breaks down crying alongside Thomas Fitzgerald - and saying he wouldn't have been able to produce that with any other actor.
    • Bobby also saying that, while he's sometimes ashamed of Aaron, the scene of Tom giving his monologue towards the end is still perfect in his eyes - and it remains the only time another actor has moved him on set with his performance.
    • In his interview with Andy, Bobby mentions that the last time they saw each other, they were in a pub for two hours and neither of them looked at their phones once - because they enjoyed each other's company that much.
    • Bobby being momentarily stunned when Liam says "I do consider you a good friend".
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • Greg Young likewise making fun of his attempts at a Dublin accent in his Nutters audition. The first film he did after lockdown - the short Widespread - would have him require to do one. And he'd end up getting help from Jordan Lennon!
    • Sarah Elisabeth Flinton talking about the Save Rosemary sequel and comparing the freedom she had shooting the first film to the restrictions she had when dancing in Turkey. The second Save Rosemary film had her going guessed it...Turkey.
  • Moe:
    • Meg Birley does indeed live up to her description as "one of the most adorable actresses in existence".
    • Saoirse Sine too, especially when a clip is shown of her attempting to interview ducks in a pond.
  • Memetic Badass: Michele became one among their social circle based off her story of getting sliced open with a sword and carrying on like it was no big deal.
  • Most Wonderful Sound:
    • Greg Young's singing. The man has a voice like an angel.
    • Michele McNally's singing is also quite pleasant.
    • Sarah Elisabeth Flinton's melodic Yorkshire accent.
    • When Meg Birley realises she's been compared to Katherine Langford twice and exclaims "is it the same actress!", then bursting out into adorable giggles.
  • Narm Charm:
    • The cheesy thumbnails with captions like 'Actor, Writer, Revolutionary'. Pompous and eye-roll worthy? Sure. But still endearing in their sincerity.
    • Bobby and Greg's synchronised introduction for Ingrid in the style of The Runaways "Cherry Bomb". Absolutely ridiculous but still cute to watch.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • Anthony O'Reilly Jr talking about a breakdown he had where a video he'd uploaded didn't have the effect he wanted, and he ended up closing his curtains and lying motionless on his bed for ages.
    • Bobby admitting that one of the reasons he's considered suicide so much in his life is the fear of having to one day see all the people he cares about die - and he'd rather die first so as not to experience that grief. He's also open about struggling with anorexia and depression as a teenager, saying that he can remember signs he was suffering from it as early as nine.
    • Michele McNally talks about it light-heartedly but it's clear she had so many projects lined up, ready to get more experience as an actress, and they were all cancelled by lockdown.
    • Tony Rossi opening up about losing his best friend at a young age.
    • Jordan Lennon talking about the feeling of going back to school after starring in The Professor & the Madman, and the resulting empty feeling when he realised people who had never talked to him before were suddenly being nice just because he'd been in a film.
    • Meg Birley saying that she's normally super productive online and promoting her career, but has just gotten so exhausted by lockdown - especially when she found out she'd been dropped from a planned web series she'd just been cast in.