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YMMV / Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War

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  • Demonic Spiders:
    • Some of the "mooks" have a habit of flying just so close to your plane that you'll have to drastically slow down just to avoid overshooting (flying past), or will fly a tight loop to keep throwing off your own attempts to generate angles for missile shots or gunfire. Particularly annoying when it's in a skirmish, as decelerating to keep them in your line of fire will leave you vulnerable to other enemies' attacks, and deadly when (not if) the enemy aces do it to you.
    • The enemy aces in general. They almost always show up at the end of a mission, which if you have been spending it shooting down enemy planes may mean you are running low on ammunition. They will almost always outnumber you (with the exception of the Gelb and Espada Squadrons) and are exceptionally coordinated. As mentioned above, they fly in tight loops and while you are chasing them they often have someone else chasing you at the same time. At the higher difficulties, staying on top of them requires pinpoint accuracy to avoid blowing all of your ammo on nothing but the sky and co-ordination with your wingman to keep them from getting the jump on you. You don't get the latter on the Ace of Aces Bonus Level.
  • Epileptic Trees: A recurrent piece of fan speculation concludes that Cipher could be none other than Mobius 1, despite the fact that Mobius 1 was considered a rookie pilot throughout the Usean Continental War with no reputation until the destruction of Stonehenge, making the idea highly unlikely outside of Cipher erasing his identity during the roughly eight-year gap between games. The fact that the default paint scheme for the F-15C in 04 is very similar to the default/canon scheme in Zero has partially fueled this. However, Kazutoki Kono confirmed via Twitter that this is not the case; they are two separate characters.
  • Even Better Sequel: To AC5, itself an Even Better Sequel to 04. Zero retains most of the gameplay features and mechanical polish that made Shattered Skies and The Unsung War shine on top of a dark and gripping narrative unafraid to call question to nearly anything and everything. Regardless of which installment fans ultimately deem to be Ace Combat's crown jewel, these three sterling games, collectively known as The Holy Trilogy have combined to overshadow nearly every other title in the series to date, a testament to their quality.
  • Fountain of Memes: Let's face it, you can't really talk about Larry "Pixy" Foulke without quoting every single line he says during the story. It gets particularly egregious in the final mission, where his obsession with V2 and borders takes over.
  • He's Just Hiding!: By virtue of Never Found the Body and no official confirmation from Namco about the character being KIA, there's a contingent of fans who say this about Pixy's replacement, PJ. Despite the loss of radio contact after Pixy's Morgan wastes them by scoring a direct hit through the Falcon's canopy with the TLS and the grave marker shown during the epilogue, players never see their plane go up in flames when they bail out: there's only a line of smoke as they fall out of the airspace and the glass seen after impact has led some to believe they managed to safely eject. In fact, if flying a Su-47 or another aircraft with a large enough bubble cockpit, you can clearly see their plane stabilize after PJ is hit, as if it was merely disabled. Others also point to the fact that the enemy aces interviewed throughout the story, including Solo Wing himself, were shown to have survived similar or worse circumstances, especially if they were shot out of the sky by the player's own lasers (which Cipher really shouldn't have access to anyway). More details can be found here. The Perfect Guide Book ultimately cuts the debate by confirming PJ's death.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • "Yo buddy, you still alive?"Explanation 
    • In Japanese fandom, the cinematics in Zero spawned numerous Gag Sub.
    • "Muh clay" Explanation 
    • BELKA STRONK Explanation 
  • That One Attack: The Burst Missiles used by Pixy's ADFX-02 Morgan during the final mission creates a large area of effect blast that deals continuous damage capable of destroying your plane in one go, often forcing you to break off your pursuit in order to avoid it. What makes it worse is, due to the PS2's graphics, it's invisible to you when you're actually inside of its range. Fortunately, it loads slower than regular missiles and stops being used after you land six hits.


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