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YMMV / Ace Combat: Joint Assault

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  • Cliché Storm: The game is basically Independence Day, only replace aliens with a combination of N.G.O. Superpower and Nebulous Evil Organization.
  • The Scrappy: Sulejmani is generally agreed to be the worst Ace boss in the entire Ace Combat series, due to his rampant disregard of physics, extreme Plot Armor, and cheesy dialogue that combines to make an unsatisfying That One Boss. It is so bad that sometimes that the infamously broken final boss from Ace Combat: Assault Horizon is considered better than his final boss fight.
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  • That One Boss: Final boss Sulejmani is cheesy even by the standards of the series's superfighter final bosses. The plane he pilots makes visibly physics defying turns constantly, which the player (or other enemies for that matter) cannot do at all. He has a ridiculous hyperspeed barrel roll that lets him dodge missiles with 100% efficiency, and he can make turns so fast, he can instantly snap into any direction in less than half a second from any direction, and make sharp angle turns or even an instant 180. As if the missile dodge wasn't enough, he also has a backwards-facing gun that shoots down 90% of the missiles, while his own missiles lock on to you instantly. To cap it all off, he has a long, cheesy speech to deliver throughout the boss fight, during which he is flat out invulnerable by Plot Armor.

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