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  • Dork Age: The fans view the Abattoir-Strychnine.213 period as this, which Sven is generally in agreement with (though he does like The Archaic Abattoir). A few songs from that period show up on their setlists here and there, but none of them are from Strychnine, which Sven has vowed to never play anything from again.
  • Face of the Band: Sven
  • Fanon Discontinuity: The fandom as a whole is more than happy to pretend that Strychnine doesn't exist. Few people think it's bad, but very weak and uninspired compared to what the band is capable of.
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  • Growing the Beard: While The Purity of Perversion was by no means bad, Engineering the Dead saw them coming into their own for the first time. But it was Goremageddon that really solidified their status as the brutal death juggernauts they are today, as it introduced more complex arrangements, more polished guitar tones, and a tighter melodic overtone. There's a reason it's considered by many fans to be their best album.
  • Never Live It Down: Ken will probably never get to live down the tow truck. Long story short, they were playing in Vancouver and staying at some shitty hotel, and Ken had picked up some random girl with the intention of getting laid. They made off to the van after Ken parked it and were pretty well into it when he heard a backing alarm and felt the van moving. You see, Ken had managed to park the van in a tow zone and found this out when it was too late to get the driver to release the van. The rest of the band made him pay the $200 or so that it cost to get it out of the impound lot and have never let him forget it since.
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  • Signature Song: "Meticulous Invagination'' and/or "Источник болезни (The Origin of Disease)".
  • Squick: Sven seems to enjoy invoking this lyrically.
  • Win Back the Crowd: Coronary Reconstruction was intended to help reestablish the band after a string of polarizing albums and the truly despised Strychnine.213 gave people the impression that Goremageddon was their creative swansong. Fan reaction was very positive, and from there, Global Flatline firmly revitalized them and made them relevant once again, and by The Necrotic Manifesto, they had become a legitimately big name.

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