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YMMV / A Walk Among the Tombstones

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  • Complete Monster: Ray and Albert are a pair of serial rapists and killers with a penchant for abducting the loved ones of drug traffickers before raping, brutally killing, and dismembering them, regardless of whether or not their victim's ransom is paid. They dupe a groundskeeper who was romantically obsessed with a woman into kidnapping her on the pretext of "rescuing her" before killing her and leave her body parts behind for the groundskeeper to find at his work. They also leave the remains of Kenny's wife behind in packages resembling bricks of heroin, along with a tape of her being raped and murdered for Kenny's "listening pleasure." They eventually kidnap the fourteen-year-old daughter of a drug trafficker with the intent to kill her. They even start cutting off her fingers before they're informed they won't get any money unless they prove she's alive. Ray is a smug sadist while Albert is an emotionless sociopath. Even though they live and kill together, they don't care for each other as shown when Albert murders the grievously wounded Ray, then calmly goes upstairs to eat dinner before cleaning up and moving on.
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  • Ending Fatigue: The film seems set to end with the climactic shootout at the cemetery. Instead, it drags on as the antagonists escape and return to their hideout, at which point Albert kills Ray. Then Matthew and the gang show up and Albert is subdued; Matthew advises Kenny to go the Cruel Mercy route and leave Albert for the police, but the film still doesn't end, since Kenny decides to take his revenge, allowing Albert to escape and kill him. Matthew goes back inside, kills Albert, returns to his apartment, and falls asleep. Then it ends.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Hey, look! Donald Pierce and David Haller are drug-addict brothers!
  • Ho Yay: The relationship that Ray and Albert have is never really specified, but it seems to be something a bit more than a usual criminal partnership. They live in the same house, eat meals together, and even wear their underclothes freely around one another. Not to mention the fact that when Ray is injured from the gunfight in the cemetery, his cries for Albert to help him sound surprisingly emotional; whether this is just from the stress of the situation or because Ray sees Albert as someone more than a partner is up to interpretation.
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  • Nightmare Fuel: Ray and Albert are straight-up terrifying in every possible way. They're sadistic, remorseless sociopaths who couldn't truly be considered human. If they get you, they will kill you.

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