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WARNING: Some spoilers are unmarked.

  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • In Chapter Eleven, Steven marvels over Bill's cooking skills and tells him he could open up a restaurant, while also thinking that he himself didn't have the talent. Or any talent. The demon supports this. In the show proper, we have "Restaurant Wars", which came out way after this chapter was written. In it, Steven is quite capable of cooking and starting up his own restaurant.
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    • In Chapter Twenty-Three, Connie and Wendy visit the library via Lion. Here, Lion leaves, which is mildly funny. Months later, Buddy's Book debuts, where Connie and Steven visit the library via Lion. And again, Lion leaves. Which makes this moment even more hilarious.
  • Nightmare Fuel: You thought you were safe from nightmares? well, you thought wrong. This fanfic, as it had been born from two series prolific with such events, can also bring on the scare or at the very least mild disturbance.
    • Not even well into the story and here it comes in Chapter Two, where Bill poisons Steven's sleep and gives him a despairing and horrid nightmare, with glee might I add. Everyone is dead, shattered into dust, and Steven is left all alone in a ravaged Beach City. Can double as a Tearjerker.
    • "If you throw me off you're as good as maimed..." by Bill to Lars in Chapter Four. It was a threat the demon was not afraid to carry out, and the cloud above the teen's head even darkened further. Jeez, Bill.
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    • In Chapter Eight, Bill is so angry that Sadie and Steven were taking selfies with his hat after ditching him at the school he wants to kill them, and his rage, which causes the ceiling to become a lightning storm, absolutely terrifies them. He even slips into his Voice of the Legion twice.
    • The Cluster Demons, who make their official debut in Chapter Eighteen. They look disturbing at best, horrifying at worst, and their unwilling origin is even more horrifying. They were meant to reference the Cluster and the Gem Mutants from the primary home series, as well as cement just how far Gabriel had gone. And the authors did a good job of that!
  • Tearjerker: Just like mom and dad, this fanfic can turn on the waterworks.
    • Chapter Thirty-One have Connie and Wendy showing Bill the book they found in Chapter Twenty-Three. But that's not what's tear-jerking. What is is the fact that the book is on his childhood life, and that Bill is rendered almost speechless when Connie brings it up. As he half-heartedly scans its contents, he chokes back a sob and starts shaking. The only comic relief is Connie thinking he was cringing at her handwriting. He's at a loss for words when he slams it shut and hands it back. Somebody give poor Bill a hug.
      • Connie's change in attitude towards Bill can also count. Earlier in the story, she was friendly and supporting. In this chapter, she's hostile and distrustful for seemingly no reason.Spoiler  Imagine what this possibly did to Bill's psyche, even though he hid it well...
      • Wendy's behavior also deserves a mention. She's extremely silent, not even saying a word, and her off-screen transformation goes generally the opposite of her newfound friend. She now feels sorry for the demon, pities him too. And even understands him, albeit flimsily. And she also feels heavy guilt for adding onto his pain, even though she didn't know it and even though he absolutely had to be stopped.
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    • The story behind Bill's top hat. We don't get the full details, but in Chapter Thirty-Two it's more or less revealed that it was the only thing his father was proud of. Which also explains the hidden reason why Bill was so damn angry in Chapter Eight.
    • Of especial mention is Chapter Forty-Four, whose later events even made the authors cry. Basically, Bill Cipher breaks off from Steven to try and kill himself via lightning bolt in a severe storm. It's really accurate to those who suffer or had suffered from or know a friend with depression, which drives it in deep.
    • How Connie and Steven are drifting apart. He even seems to hold resentment towards her in later chapters, and Connie herself seems more reserved towards him.
  • In Chapter Sixty-Six and half of Sixry-Eight, Steven gets sick. Bill decides to call in Greg. Greg, however kind and friendly and affectionate he is towards Bill, can't help the demon because all he can see is the one thing he should have had, all he sees is a perfect parent. And Bill almost breaks down completely.
    • In the same former chapter, Bill enters the Void with the hopes that he'd find his brother there. But he finds that the Void had already sent him away. He tries to take comfort in the fact that Gabriel is still alive somewhere, but fails.
  • What an Idiot!: Steven in Chapter Fifty-Five. Instead of listening to Bill and going along with Lapis, he decides to take matters into his own hands and reveals himself as half-Gem to Jasper so he would get taken instead. Naturally, given what kinda gem he has, it doesn't end well, and Bill called him out on it. It's even called out by the co-author in an author note.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Chapter Eight would have gone a bit or a lot differently if what the author had in mind for Bill to take and snap their phones in half happened instead. If her coauthor had replied differently...
    • The title for Chapter Twenty-Seven was going to be a Wizard of Oz reference - "Pebbles and Rocks and Boulders, Oh My" - but the main author decided it was too long. And it would have clued in to the fact that a pebble was going to be one of the objects that fell. So we have "Beware of Falling Boulders" instead.
    • For Chapter Twenty-Nine, Bill would have sung his own version of Stronger Than You. In the words of Vampire Tails, the Bill Cipher roleplayer, "But nah. I decided not to do that."
  • The Woobie: Why wouldn't you call Bill Cipher one of these after reading all this? granted, he started off as a Jerkass Woobie, and even a Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds, but...
    • Steven also counts, and Pyronica after her time in the Void.

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