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YMMV / A Terrible Vengeance

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  • Complete Monster: The Evil Sorcerer is the incestuous father of Katerina. Arriving after she has married the Cossack Danilo and has a baby son named Ivan, the Sorcerer is revealed to have murdered her mother, plotting to make Katerina his and his alone. To this end, he engineers a massive battle between the Poles and Cossacks, murdering Danilo in the confusion, before magically killing his baby grandson. When Katerina attempts to avenge them, the Sorcerer kills her as well, later murdering a holy man when the man refuses to absolve him for his vile crimes. It is revealed his hatred of goodness is so great that the Sorcerer plots to sell out the East to the Roman Catholic Church, all to see the Orthodox church burn and its adherents slaughtered.
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  • What Do You Mean, It's Not for Kids?: The story is published together with the Defanged Horrors of the Night Before Christmass (not the Tim Burton movie).


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