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  • Nightmare Fuel: In 'Punking Doflamingo', Law forgets Rocinante in the middle of fighting Smoker and Tashigi. He immediately unleashes the full horror of the Op-Op Fruit, and only Luffy's intervention prevents the Marines from being tortured to death.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • Garp sums up his decision in a few simple words:
      Benn: Sorry you've got to do this.
      Garp: It's killing me. But better that than killing them.
    • Law is possibly even more messed up than in canon due to the World Government keeping him as a virtual hostage for three years. When he's cornered by Aokiji, he outright threatens to kill himself if the Admiral makes a move towards him.
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    • Right after Marineford, when it's still unclear if Ace will make it. Shanks desperately wants to hug his sons, but it's more important to keep his only hand on his weapon in case of the fight breaking out again. Benn can do nothing but wait outside the surgery room. Luffy is guilt-ridden, thinking he might not have done enough to save his brother on top of asking far too much of Law and then some. Garp doesn't even know if Ace survives until the lack of a Roaring Rampage of Revenge from Shanks makes it obvious.

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